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mac & cheese

i'm not the world's most prolific cook. but if there's one dish i know i can make- and it always comes out amazing- it's macaroni and cheese.

mac & cheese

i snagged this magical recipe online a few years ago, and have made my own tweaks here and there. you can add more milk to make it creamier... i prefer a dryer version :)

hope you enjoy!!

yummiest mac & cheese

mac & cheese 2



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  1. Yum! That looks awesome! I have to try it! ;D

  2. My favorite food!!! :)

  3. mmm yummy. i save the recipe :)

  4. Can I just got me addicted to that hipster cartoon maker...hehe. I was up late a few nights ago playing around with it till I realized I need to go to be already! Anyhow...I need to try this Mac n Cheese recipe...just seeing the combo of ricotta, sour cream, and parm make my mouth water:)

  5. This looks beyond yummy.
    May have to try making this.

  6. ohhh, yums!! i had baked mac&cheese the other night, and it was delicious! i'll have to try this recipe sometime.

  7. umm thank you for sharing this recipe! it looks absolutely delicious!

    sharde @ the style projects

  8. yesss. let's just say that i could probably live off of mac and cheese. it's definitely a staple in my diet.


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