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o hai.


i haven't had access to the camera these past couple of days. i feel that it's time for another style post, and i'm kind of sad that i can't make one for you. plus the kickstarter has been gnawing my nerves and taking a lot of my energy, and i'll probably be mostly useless until it's over, anyway.

so what to do? time or a formal cat introduction!

first, a preface: i was never a cat person. like, AT ALL. i thought they were demonic and had no personality whatsoever. total dog person all the way.

then, i moved to brooklyn. i wanted a pet, but no apartments allowed dogs. so i got max, and the rest is history :)

i spend a LOT of time with these guys. i baby them way too much, but they deserve it. they're mostly street/ shelter kitties, and a few of them have had really hard lives.

cats 2!!

left to right:

thelonious (black kitty)- the funniest thing is her obsession with water. it's pretty adorbs.

mrs. alice- mrs. alice lived most of her life on the street, but she's always been really friendly to humans. also, she's thelonious and scout's mom.

scout- she turned out to be the biggest ham evar, and has the softest coat of all the kittes :)

max- he is our oldest kitty, and he's kind of a legend. he's been referred to as "walrus cat," "tom waits cat," "human cat," and more. his meow and purr are the loudest and most epic you've ever heard.

hope you enjoyed hearing about my babies :)

do you have cats?



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  1. I like how Mrs. Alice is grooming her child :)

    My first pet was a cat, Pepper. She truly was demonic, but it is more likely she wanted us to leave her alone. She never wanted us to pet her unless she came to us. It has been a year since she passed away. She was almost 20 years old :(

  2. I'm having the same problem right now! I'm a total dog person (we can't have dogs in our apartment) and my husband wants to get a maine coon. We haven't got one yet, but it may happen soon.... Anyways, I just love pets in general <3


  3. Come and guest post on my blog! I know you just wrote this amazing post but if you gust post, the post will be up by then end of January. which gives you the purrfect excuse to talk about your cat, again! email me if you are interested garciamaricruz[at]

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ ♥

  4. Your kitties are all so cute and have such personalities (I can just tell from the pictures). We just got a kitten a few months ago. The kids named her Bella. She is such a joy to have in the family. And our dogs even love her!

  5. I've always been a dog person too, but cats are easier. I have three. Beaker and Bunsen are two girls that I rescued from the shelter. Bunsen is the mom and Beaker is (was) the kitten. Neither we particularly affectionate when I got them, but I've learned that they are both big lovers - it's just that they get to choose when the loving happens. Beaker likes it in the bathroom. I think she likes the "alone time" with the hoomans. Bunsen (rather abruptly) turned into a lap cat one day, and now can barely wait until I've sat down on the couch to start molesting me. Beaker refuses to eat anything but kibble and mice. Bunsen begs for cheese, turkey and wet food on a daily basis. They are complete opposites.

    Our third cat, Links, adopted us one day. He showed up on the doorstep all skinny and meowing. Beaks and Buns hated him at first, and swatted him around. Links is a huge baby and just takes it. I've never seen him fight back. Because of this, we gave him to my in-laws for the first year. When they brought him in, he ate like it was going out of style and the ILs fed him whenever he meowed. After a few months, they started traveling a lot, so we took him back. He's a huge fat cat now. And he .insists. on spooning with me at night with his head on my pillow. It's highly inconvenient, but I can't bear to be mean and kick him off the bed.

    Cute blog :)

  6. This looks like my house. I love how each cat looks so different. I could see why you call Max "Walrus cat". They're all cute!

  7. i'm not an animal person. but i can definitely appreciate the cuteness here.

  8. Wow! I didn't realize you had 4 kitties! How fun! What is your secret in a New York apartment? I feel like it's hard to keep up the mess of 2 in a house. Such sweeties!

  9. Oh My Goodness...
    They are SO cute! They are all so pretty...seeing your cats makes me want to dash out of work and go home and hug my four cats until they can't take it anymore. Which for some of them is like after 2 seconds :p Yay! So glad you posted this...I'm glad I finally got to "meet" your felines!
    PS - I wasn't a cat person either and ended up with my first cat when I wanted a pet but lived in a small non-dog friendly apartment! Go figure!

  10. ellsee- pepper is such a cute name! i'm sorry that she passed :(

    gillian- i've always adored maine coons... those guys are *huge!*

    mary- i'll email you!

    shannon- your kitty sounds like she has a really nice home :)

    kirsten- i love stories like this. similar story- mrs. alice and max couldn't even be in the same room together during the first year. they still hate each other, but they're more tolerant now :)

    thank you arielle! i wasn't the one who dubbed max "walrus" though, it was an old roommate's friend :)

    jorjia- it appreciates you :)

    lisa- yup, four ;) the situation was a lot hairier (no pun intended) when we lived in a teeny, tiny apartment. but we've been living in a 1200 square foot loft for the past year! oh, and, the other secret is pine litter. seriously, it absorbs litter smell & you can flush it down the toilet!

    jenna- i think i told you this before, but we're totally cat twins... i can relate to everything you just said!

  11. Aww I love that you have so many kitties! hah i'm the same way..I used to despise cats & only ever wanted dogs. As of recently, I find myself really wanting a pet cat! Probably because cats are so much more laid back & do their own thing..I hope to get one soon :)

  12. they're also a lot easier to take care of than dogs. i can't even imagine my life with four DOGS. i say go for it :)

  13. Yay, I love cats! I have two but they live with my parents as we rent our house and we're not allowed to have pets. They're big fat fluffy black and white lumps. Cats are the best!

  14. Your kitties are adorable! ^^

  15. Ahh! I always wanted kittens. When I was younger I couldn't because my sister was allergic and now my living situation is not ideal (student flat) but perhaps one day...

  16. Your babies are adorable! I so wanna pet them all!

  17. Wow! Your place is huge! I bet all your NY friends are jealous :) I'm going to look for that litter, I'm on the hunt for a new one- I hate the smell of ours! Thanks :)

  18. They're adorable!!! We have dogs but I really really really want a cat! ;)


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