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Miki's Scrapbook ~ Deck the Halls

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Hello, Chantilly's friends and fans! I'm Miki and I'm honored to be here once again, this time in the final countdown of Chantilly's Kickstarter campaign. It's been very exciting and moving to see the meter go up, up, up! And I'm sure that by the time this post is published, she will have reached her goal. In order to celebrate the closure of this campaign and to encourage strangers to get to know her and support her, I prepared this little post.

I filled mason jars and transparent Christmas balls with a brief message asking whoever got the balls/jars to go check Chantilly's page and support her on Kickstarter. I embellished them with pompoms, shredded paper and lucky stars.

If you want to learn how to make these lucky stars, here is a tutorial. To make mine I cut strips of construction paper and magazine pages that were 1cm wide and approximately 25cm long.

Once they were ready, I dropped them in different parts of my neighborhood :).

Thank you so much for reading and back Chantilly on Kickstarter if you haven't done so yet! ;D

This might be the end of the campaign, but it is actually the beginning of a great journey. There's no doubt that amazing things are to come. I'm so proud of you, Chantilly! You rock!!!


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  1. Such a cute and thoughtful idea. I think this would be awesome to do for a birthday party invite.


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