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spare tire

notice the little christmas tree in the background :)

chan outfit 4

people love to give their opinions. and i've heard some say that i should smile more in the pictures on this blog...

and sure, i like smiling.

i smile a lot in real life, actually. but something about taking photos makes me want to work out that cool/ sexy alter-ego of mine :P

chan outfit 1

nevertheless... to make myself smile for this shoot, i went and had a little too much fun on the tire swing. afterwards, i asked my mom what she thought of the below picture. she admitted that i looked a little manic. lol. always count on your mother for an honest opinion.

so what do you think? too manic pixie dream girl?

... on the other hand, who cares? i'm having fun!

chan outfit 2

(favorite) hat- thrifted, maine
scarf- anthropologie
cardi- thrifted, rhode island
tank top- thrifted, ny
skirt- tulle
tights- hue
booties- thrifted, connecticut

chan outfit 6

chan outfit 5




  1. Haha...Manic Pixie would be a great band name.

    You look fabulous! I love the green skirt with the yellow tights. Very fall-esque. Your hair looks fabulous too especially with that adorable hat!

    PS - I haven't forgotten about our dress swap I promise!

  2. These photos are so fun! I love the green skirt, it looks amazing with those tights! xx

  3. I think you have a beautiful smile! That tire swing does look like fun :)
    - Mandi @

  4. I'm so in love with this outfit!! You look so lovely!
    And your smile is so cute!


  5. Oh, I think these photos are adorable! Tire swings are the best, aren't they? Whenever I try to do a "seductive"/serious face I just end up looking like a jerk, which is why I generally smile in my photos haha!

  6. I think the tyre swing photos are brilliant, I love your expression in them! I love your outfit too, I need to get on the thrifting bandwagon. xxx

  7. You look lovely, I have to say the smiling pic is my fave :)

  8. i hate smiling in pictures! haha.
    i feel so weird and "fake" husband always makes fun of me about looking depressed all the time in blog photos. ;P

    but, either way.. smile or no smiles.. you look beautiful.
    i really love this outfit. i own that skirt and the green is really a beautiful green. can never go wrong with mustard tights! :)

  9. Hahaha, you look awesome! I love this photo shoot ;D.

  10. I love tire swings! Geez, I haven't played on one in years. I would always end up somehow hitting myself with the tire and bruising myself. I feel odd smiling for a camera too but I smile a lot in real life. A little manic never hurt anyone :p


  11. Ha, Moms definitely like to be honest. :) I really like that skirt on you and paired with the yellow on your tights, nice combo and awesome tire swing, that's the kind of tire swing that means business.


  12. Oh I know what you mean! I smile lots too - but rarely for photos. The truth is, I don't like my smile much and I *hate* the way it looks in photos. Sometimes things work in real life, but in photos - my smile is one of those things. Not like your smile. Your smile looks adorable, and I love that picture of you. You don't look like a maniac at all. :)

  13. Cute pictures, I love your outfit :)

  14. Holy moly lady...those photos of you swinging are so perfectly sweet and that little xmas tree in the back of the photo is melting my heart!! Sometimes I tend to smile way too big & cheesy for photos..especially in the cold. Yours is just right though:) Love the outfit as always!

  15. Such a great colour combo! your blog is super adorable!

  16. amazing thrifted find on those booties! absolutely love this look w/ the yellow tights & turqouise skirt. It def looks like you're having fun on that tire swing, so no worries : ) I was reminded the other day that models take prob 100 pics to get 1 good one but ya.. know what u mean about smiling in blog shots. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas & New Year's- that egg gratin looks amazing!

  17. Aww, I don't think you look manic, you're just happy to see a swing. I totally get it, I love swings. I use to scream disney songs while I would swing. Not like the 1970's "swing", just to clarify. I love the outfit, I like how you paired all the different colors, I have a hard time not being matchy-matchy when it comes to colors.



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