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sugared apple goodness

i feel like this makes me kinda cheesy, but i've been getting way into scented candles. this is what happens to me. little obsessions dominate my life, until it's onto the next one...

anyway, i got a tip from a guitar student that there was a tj maxx near her full of yankee candles. i was on that like white on rice.

behold, my $10 bounty:

sugared apple

i love walking into a smelly apartment (the good kind of smelly), so i do plan on stalking these candles pretty regularly for the next few weeks.

yup. candle-stalker...



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  1. i don't blame you...i like the spicy-smelling ones. You know like cinnamon roll and pumpkin spice. I can't help it. They are horribly toxic...I need an intervention!

  2. $10?!!! They're about €30 here! (around $40!) What a bargain, I'm jealous!

  3. Sugared apple?! That sounds like the best scent EVER. Ugh, I love scented candles. I once went to this HUGE Yankee Candle store in Virginia where you could make your own and combine different scents. I made a pumpkin pie-ish one :)

  4. Mmmm...I can only imagine how it smells...and it's delicious!

  5. I'm pretty sure that candle would smell divine! Mm, scented candles... One of my favourite things!

  6. I looove scented candles :p. Haven't had one here yet, but love them. They get pretty creative with the scents they use.

  7. amanda- oh noes they are toxic?? greaat, i never even thought of that... oh well.

    rebecca- i know! here, they're usually about $26 plus tax. i never really cared before. but this brand really does smell SO good. i couldn't resist the deal.

    ellsee, lyndall, & miki- it's completely yum. get thee to tj maxx if you are near one!


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