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casual mondays

hello again friends! another style post comin' atcha... BOOM!

i felt like this background was too busy for outfit pictures, but i guess it does create a cool effect. it certainly screams "BROOKLYNNN!!!!" in a way that only a graffiti'ed wall could...

chantilly blowfish sadiki 2

chantilly blowfish sadiki 4

i LOVED these flats from the moment i saw them. that crazy pattern... yes, please. it seems so unique... i don't think i've ever had patterned shoes before!

even though it was a pretty cold day, i really wanted to wear them. so i had to also wear socks. naturally, i kept getting that "sandal-with-socks" look, no matter what i put on.

i was about to scrap the whole idea... then i thought "if i'm doing sandal-socks, might as well go all the way." i dug out these patterned beauties, and the rest is history... i actually think they go quite well together!

chantilly blowfish sadiki 5

hat- thrifted
cardigan- uniqlo
scarf- thrifted
shirt- urban outfitters
gloves- urban outfitters
jeans- uniqlo
socks- sock dreams
sadiki flats c/o blowfish shoes

chantilly blowfish sadiki 6



  1. I love your style, the use of thrifted elements, and the graffiti too! This post makes me want to visit Brooklyn so much!

  2. Love your style, so cool!
    I think the socks and shoes go really well together.

  3. I love your shoes and the graffiti! You look as beautiful as always!

    Happy Monday, Chantilly! ;D

  4. Super cute! Those shoes and socks look lovely together, don't you worry ;)

  5. very pretty! I wish I knew where some cool street art was to take pictures in front of. There's not much here in Vermont.You look awesome! :)


  6. I love your blog design. It's so beautiful and I love your flats. Also what a beautiful backdrop!

  7. aren;t you freezing? I was in Manhattan last year on feb and I was freezing!!!! Your clothes look so light :/

  8. suki- yes, come to brooklyn!!

    and thank you, everyone, for your shoe/ sock support :P

  9. lou- there's been a couple of pretty warm days here lately. when i got dressed in the morning, i thought it was going to be one of those warm days... but it wasn't. so yeah, i was kinda cold in these pictures! but i was hoping no one could tell :P

  10. Love those flats... so cute, and the background of all these photos is wonderful!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  11. That first graffiti wall is awesome. It looks like you need to record a rap music video in front of that wall.

    P.S. You'll also need a boombox.

  12. lol arielle! now i reallly want to go back with a boombox and shoot some photos, at the very least.

  13. you are too, too adorable. and you totally work the socks and sandals look!

  14. Very cute, the graffiti is kind of the perfect backdrop. I am digging the sandals + socks look. It totally works with the cute patterned socks.

  15. I try not to have too busy of a background for outfit photos, myself but sometimes it's unavoidable and some things are super neat looking, so oh well. I think yours totally worked out. Also, that shoe and sock combination is ridiculously cute. :)

  16. Oh snap darling, you have me wanting those so cute and so so up my alley. I love how you paired the scarf with that blouse, I actually thought it was attached at first - like a pussybow. Nonetheless, it is perfect! Gosh you make casual look incredibly awesome:)

  17. I love that wall, and sushi...and this outfit! *hehe* Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I'm glad you did so now I've seen your blog, following you!

  18. I love that top and your shoes as well!


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