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collar me

dress swap time!

the lovely jenna of sew savoir creations and i decided to swap some clothes, so she sent me this dress. i've been coveting it since miki posted it on her blog (yes, she has the dress too), so i'm so excited to finally wear it.

chantilly outfit 7
photos by matt panton

jenna warned me that the dress was short, and she wasn't kidding! i felt so scandalous and cutesy walking around the restaurant where we had brunch. i don't own anything quite so school-girly... i felt like madeline!

anyway, it was FREEZING yesterday, so we decided to do an indoor shoot. we ended up taking half the photos in the hallway, and the other half inside the apartment...

(hallway photos)

chan outfit 2
chan outfit 1

oh... and here is the patented jenna pose. if you don't know, check out her blog and find out :P

chantilly outfit 5

chantilly outfit 6

hat- thrifted, rhode island
dress- jenna's
tights c/o we love colors
socks- sock dreams
shoes- anthropologie levade clogs

chantilly outfit 10

chantilly outfit 9



  1. Wow, look at those legs....gorgeous! xxx

  2. thank you for the link to jenna's adorable blog! she's awesome.


  3. Seriously! You look SO cute!! I am loving how you styled this! It really looks like it was made for you :) You look so! I can't believe I have a "pose"...I died laughing here at my desk at work when I saw it...she was like what are you laughing at. Ummm...nothing! :p I concur with Chrissy....check out those legs!

    PS - I took photos yesterday in your dress (it fit!!) but we took them too early so the lighting was dreadful so I'll have to take them again!

  4. And when I say "she was like what are you laughing at" I mean to say my boss!

  5. Aw, a cute Madeline you are =]

  6. Anonymous1/16/2012

    Great photos!

  7. Very cute, the dress looks really lovely on you :)

  8. I love a good collar dress! It's almost embarrassing how filled my closet is of them, but you can never have enough! The color is so lovely as well x

  9. Awww you look adorable, I really love the collar :)

  10. lovely photos, dear. I love peter pan collars and the dress is absolutely beautiful.

  11. Madeline indeed! I could dress like that all the time ..hehe. Both collar and the hat are as sweet as pie. I love the dark moody lighting of these photos too!

  12. Oh, my goodness! Look at you rocking that dress and doing the kitty pose! I just said something about Jenna's kitty pose in my latest post, haha!

    You 2 look so good in that dress! I love it and hate it so much, haha. It's cute and comfy, but it makes me look like a cow, mooo, mooo!



  13. that dress is really cute! i love the peter pan collar. :)

  14. jenna- thank you again so much for letting me borrow the dress! i love it.

    valerie- my closet is not filled with NEARLY enough collared dresses! usually i find them too prim, but the material on this one and the short length made it feel more casual to me.

    mikiiiii- i've seen you in that dress, and you do NOT look like a cow. you look beautiful :)

    marisa- i liked the lighting too! i think this is my new photo spot.

    thank you everyone for your comments! you're all making me blush :P

  15. You look hot! What a fun dress and every time I see one of you wearing it, I'm jealous! You have so many great photo spots! :)

  16. That dress is so cute on you! But I know what you mean--when they're so short it can be a bit awkward standing up in public!

  17. Hey !
    That dress is so so cute ! I want one like yours :)


  18. really pretty:) very nice with the knee socks and the hat!!!
    and great photo too!!!(love the jenna pose hahah)
    x Ginella

  19. Hi! Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and started following :) I absolutely adore your vintage, classic style. Your photos are so whimsical and romantic! Look forward to seeing more :) Have a great day.

  20. Aww the dress is perfect! So cute!

  21. awesome outfit.. the red lips set it all off perfectly!

  22. You look fantastic in that dress! Your legs are like 40 miles long.

  23. aww you look adorable in the school girl look. Yes short but you look great in it! So fun you two did a little swap : )


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