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dress swap!!

today, jenna posted the pictures of the dress that i sent her for our swap!! she even did a "chantilly" pose :P hop on over to sew savoir faire creations and check out her way cute pictures.

jenna tulle

(this is what i did with it.)

chantilly tulle blowfish 10

it's been a slow, rainy monday for me. i did some yoga this morning... and i even ran into my friend alyson, and we ended up having a girl-chat afterwards!!

but rather than give me energy, the yoga just kinda pooped me out. at least i practiced guitar today for my show at pete's candy store in february! (if you're in ny, come.)

anywayyy, hope you all are having a lovely week so far :)




  1. I love what you have both done with the dress! And Jenna's impersonation of you is really funny, hahaha!

    Have an awesome week! ;D


  2. love both styles... its such a pretty dress! least you did some yoga... i did pretty much nothing alllll day and now im shattered lol!

  3. you both look really cute <3

  4. So fun! I love that the both of your chose to do purple tights with it.

  5. Love this! It kinda love seeing how two different people style the same dress. This is through and through your dress though...I think it looks much better on you! My goal is to get it sent back to you this week! Thanks for sharing the post! : )

    PS - I wish I lived closer to NY because I would be at your show for sure!!

  6. beautiful dress vintage,,, i love

  7. You look incredible!! I love the spalshes of vibrant colour, you really are going for a fun and adventurous look!

  8. Aww, clothes swaps are so amazing!
    Love how both of you styled the dress :)

  9. I adore that dress and I LOOOOOVE the colors you paired with it! So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog for Marisa's guest post! I hope you'll pop back by sometime! Xo Lori

  10. miki- i know, i loved her impersonation of me! i also floored with her description of me/ how i take pictures. i was flattered :)

    rach- awww, do-nothing days are fun though :)

    kristin- i know! great minds think alike, eh?

    jenna- i hope to see you at a show one of these days! maybe i'll come to you... somehow.. :P

    thank you everyone, i'm glad you enjoyed reading about our swap :) x

  11. Anonymous1/30/2012

    What a great idea!! A dress swap! I love it! :) You are both gawhgeous ladies!



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