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haunted house

before this next post, i just want to thank all of you for the encouraging comments you left on my last entry. i smiled ear to ear when i read each one. you guys are the reason why i come back to write and share my life here time and time again :)


moving on...

right down the road from my parent's place in rhode island, there's this old, abandoned-looking house.

photos by matthew panton

it's beautiful and run-down, but apparently there are people living in it! we felt like weirdos... all creepin' on their house and taking pictures. one lady from across the street kept staring at us... but we couldn't help it. it was just too damn interesting-looking.

then of course i thought, "this creepy place couldn't be more perfect for outfit documentation..."

chantilly tulle 1

chan tulle 7

i feel like these pictures say "fall" much more than "winter" ... but it's been like 50 degrees every day!

plus i just can't keep up with fashion trends, and don't really have a dedicated wardrobe for each season. it's too expensive. i just wear my summer dresses with a cardi, add tights, boots, & call it a day...

chan tulle 2

chan tulle 4

dress- tulle
cardi- borrowed from matt
necklace- etsy
scarf- thrifted
tights- tj maxx
boots- thrifted

chan tulle 5




  1. I wear the same stuff year round too. That is an awesome house! I hate when people stare but oh well.

  2. Anonymous1/03/2012

    that house is gorgeous! My family renovated an old victorian when I was a teenager and it went from scary house to gorgeous within a year... it's amazing what's hiding behind a few run-down houses!

  3. this is an INCREDIBLE house!! I love it!

  4. fine and feathered- totally! i think this goes with anything. sometimes things just need a little fixing up :)

    thanks emily & arielle! x

  5. that is a very beautiful yet creepy home. however it looks like the house has a lot of personality and i'm sure stories as well.

    loving the pictures!

  6. That house reminds me of the ones my friends lived in in central PA back in my university days. I love your dress and who cares about seasonal rules if it looks and feels good gotta go with with it. Glad your going to check out Milk Bar!!! Loving your music lady. Good luck with your 2012 goals!

  7. those houses are always my favorite! i would love an old run down house and i would love to fix it up...love these photos!

  8. I loved the house. I liked the look ..thanks for visit
    kisses rose jp

  9. Omgsh! That house is so cool! I would spend *aaaaaall* day taking pictures in front of it. LOL.

    And I think summer dresses with tights and boots is a lovely look - my favorite autumn/winter look, in fact! :)

  10. I love the big, mysterious houses that seem more common on the east coast! These are such eery, beautiful shots- what a fun outfit post to kick of the year! I definitely keep the summer dresses for winter and add on layers too!

  11. Haha...I love how you just do your own thing...who needs trends anyways? I actually think it is quite a perfect winter outfit:) and the little red gloves are the cutest pop of color.

    Old creepy houses like that are the greatest...I lived near Gettysburg where the big civil war battle is and there are tons of houses, inns, etc. like that. Beautiful indeed but kinda frightening as well:)

  12. What a gorgeous house! Wow...

    I definitely use my wardrobe year-round as well. Though I love dressing in theme with the season, there are very few dresses I own that I can't make seasonally appropriate! It's more challenging, and more fun, I think :)

  13. I LOVE this photo shoot! It's one of my favorite ones so far :D. And I do the same with my dresses; I just throw a thin turtleneck underneath them and they turn into winter garments! :P

  14. What a gorgeous house, it looks rather large too. Hey if the owners want to trade for a basement semi-apartment, I'll all for it. I also wear the same clothes year around, I can't imagine having designated wardrobes per season, that is insane. Speaking of all season wear, I love the outfit, the dress is really pretty and I love the colors in the scarf.


  15. I've renovated that house.


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