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little trips down memory lane

i published these photos the other day by accident... oops! sorry if you're seeing them twice...

i know you've heard me talk about my love for bess eaton before. so i was happy when we passed by one last week on vacay and actually got to go inside and have some coffee :)

my grandparents lived right down the street from this particular one, and my mom actually worked here for a time.

yay, family history.

bess eaton

if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might know that i have a coffee shop fetish. and i've sampled a lot of them in brooklyn and manhattan. so honestly, compared to what i'm used to now, the coffee here was pretty weak.

but who am i kidding. i still loved it!

the donuts were pretty good, too!


donut hands


ahhhh, nostalgia...




  1. Yum, fresh donuts and coffee = LOVE!

  2. Nostalgia can often make up for gaps in quality. :)


  3. I LOVE small coffee shops! I got a bit nostalgic, too ... I miss my little secret spots in Buenos Aires ...

    Happy Friday! :D

  4. oh god, those look delish!!

  5. hannah & emily- they definitely were delish :)

    sara- YES. sometimes i'll go places i don't even like because of this :P

    miki- you should make it your mission to find a pretty coffee shop in your area to call home. i'm sure there's at least a few! one of my favorite things is seeking new ones out. x


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