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making a bunting strand

it's been in the works for a few months to try this tutorial for bunting that elizabeth did for her wedding.

i finally found some time to make it happen! but not without a few of my own small changes...

first, you need your fabrics.


believe it or not, these are just some old shirts and dresses that are unusable for various reasons. i figured i'd keep them for scrap fabric, rather than just throw them away.

i made a template from an old cereal box, and used that to draw on the fabric and make cutouts.

bunting 2

bunting 3

thelonious always likes to watch me when i do projects, but i suspect her main interest lies with the yarn (which she is obsessed with.)


anywayyy, i used mod podge for this (i've been using it for everything lately.) i just smeared a triangle of glue over one side of the cutouts. i then closed up the fabric over itself, making sure to catch the yarn so that it stays in one place.

bunting 4

bunting 5

my cutouts and my technique in making these were NOT immaculate, but i didn't mind. however, if you want a cleaner look for yours, you can use an iron to make sure the fabric lays perfectly flat.

bunting 6




  1. The bunting banner looks great! The modge podge seems to be a little miracle glue concoction. Aww, the yarn lovin' kitty looks entranced, so cute!

  2. this is so great!!! Might have to copy you :)

  3. Cute and simple. I'm a big fan of the bunting everywhere but I haven't made any myself yet.

  4. I saw Elizabeth's DIY too and gathered everything to make it like 2 months ago and still haven't gotten around to it. Yours looks great!! And I love that you did it your own way, that's how creative people work!

  5. So adorable! I really need more fabric scraps for such projects!

  6. Very cute! I love bunting and don't think it will ever go out of style. :)


  7. The photos and bunting are so lovely! I made a summer bunting but was much lazier. I simply used cardstock and superglue! haha. Also your cat is adorable x

  8. I love this...because I cannot sew :)

    I need to do this!
    how stinkin cute!


  10. I've been wanting to make one of these forever now...I've actually considered buying one on etsy to save myself the hassle, but sans the sewing and using mod podge seems like much of a simpler way and less $. Hmmm, I might just try and give this a go!

  11. so adorable! i want to do this in my dorm rooom! by the way, love your blog, i hope you will come visit mine! i'm getting re-started on blogging but i would be touched to actually have regular readers oneday...anywayyy, all i meant to say was, loving your blog!

  12. Adorable garland, and, oh, my! Thelonious is so handsome! :P

  13. i LOVE it! so crafty!

  14. jenna- mod podge is pretty miraculous... and i haven't even used it to its full potential yet. can't wait to make some decoupage :)

    loren- yes, bunting everywhere!!!!! actually, i was thinking that my studio is starting to look like etsy threw up in it a little. but i don't care, it makes me happy.

    valerie- cardstock and superglue work!

    marisa- i'd been putting off the project for months

    because i thought it would be a hassle, but it took maybe an hour :) try it!

    miki- thelonious is actually a girl... unfortunately named by a former roommate :)

    thank you everyone, feel free to steal/ copy!! i totally did from elizabeth, and she probably did from someone else... it's the way of creativity.


  15. Love the flags! I am currently on vacation, but just bought supplies to make some for above the little studio workplace section of my bedroom! Looks great :)

  16. So simple ..definetly doing this:)

  17. Aww, it came out so lovely!! I've been meaning to ry this myself.

  18. I love the way the plaid looks..

  19. fantastic job on this! I love the fabrics you chose, how they all go together without looking like they match.. if that makes any sense! Thanks for sharing you version, hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend : )

  20. Wow! That looks surprisingly easy!! What a fun idea - I've got to try this. :)

  21. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Pretty Pretty Kitty!!! :)



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