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new dishes!!

and now for a random interlude...

new dishes

we've been needing new dishes for months. the other day, i finally found these at the dollar store of all places. and yes, they were a dollar each!

i'm just happy, because i can never seem to find any cute/ cool vintage dishes at the thrift stores around here. and the "vintage" stores are, of course, too expensive.


just wanted to share :)



  1. Those are SUPER cute! Can't beat that for a dollar!
    - Mandi (

  2. Those are fantastic! I love them...great find :)

  3. haha yayyyy we both had good thrifting finds for once! Those plates are too cute :)

  4. dollar store? sweet! we bought ours at walmart three years ago and they are in perfect condition despite us using them every single day. it's kind of awesome.

    but also kind of sad because i'm obsessed with dishes and wish i could buy more!

  5. What a great purchase! ;) Something I love about America is that you can actually find awesome bargains! ... Like the 50 chicken nuggets at McDonald's for $10 or the 48 Energizer A2 battery pack at Sam's Club! Haha! :P

    Happy Friday, Chantilly! :D

  6. I'm going thrifting tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed that I luck out like you did. That is such an adorable find. And a dollar...whoo hoo! The little flowers on them are the sweetest. Happy weekend lady!

  7. they are so pretty, I love new dishes.

  8. So so cute! Sometimes dollar stores have really good kitchen stuff! I found the best milkshake glasses once.

    Our dinner set was a lucky find in a thrift store, but it took a lot of searching through piles of ugly things until we found it~

  9. Aw you have such a cute blog! I follow along :)

  10. Hi! Wow I love those plates & I can't believe they were a dollar! The dollar store can seriously be so amazing sometimes : )

    Forever Fashionably Late

  11. Those are super cute! I'm always amazed at what I can find at the dollar store sometimes.


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