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say hello my new hat!

new hat, say hello to my friends.

chantilly outfit 2

i knew you'd be pleased to meet each other. i thrifted this baby in rhode island recently, and it's my new cold-weather pal!

chantilly outfit 3

we took these photos by the waterfront in greenpoint. i was actually kind of cold and grumpy when these were taken, but surprisingly, i think they came out well.

i'll never forget the advice i received from my friend james, via tyra banks/ america's next top model... which is to look "bored and angry" when modeling for photos.

will do!

chantilly outfit 4

chantilly outfit 6

hat- thrifted, rhode island
scarf- thrifted, rhode island
cardigan- thrifted, nyc
shirt- u.o.
pants- uniqlo
gloves- belfast food coop, maine (via my brother)
shoes- thrifted

chantilly outfit 7

chantilly outfit 5



  1. You may be grumpy, but they look great!

  2. I'm loving the splash of red against the rusted industrial backdrop!


  3. Work it out grumpy girl because you look fierce! (That way my Tyra-ized comment) Really though you look great. Those shoes really make the outfit. Very cute! Loving the graffiti in the background.

  4. you always shoot in the best spots. this is me being jealous of your always awesome outfit locations. and not to mention super cute outfits as well.

  5. Those shoes are awesome and your hat looks warm! I'm in need of some red clothes asap! It's highly under-represented in my wardrobe x

  6. Completely obsessed with those shoes! Great outfit :)

  7. MmmMMMmm these came out great! Did you take them yourself?? Tripod? Or who took these suckers?!

    And love the scarf.

  8. I think you look fantastic. Wish I could have the time to remember snapping photos of what I'm wearing or just how I look at the moment. Loving your hat!

  9. Ooh! Such a lovely outfit! I adore your shoes! <3

    Skinny jeans are so fun to wear - I've finally become confident in how I look when I wear them instead of thinking they make me look fat. It makes me so happy!

  10. Hey !
    You look great, I'm in love with your hat, it's adorable :)


  11. Why hello new hat!! Hehe...gosh I'm such a sucker for hats. Seems most days I am wearing one...yours is slouchy perfection!! I need to get more like that:) Major red shoe envy going on...and those gloves <3!! Very cool set of photos. xx

  12. Your wearing my favorite shade of pink and I love those shoes :)


  13. Hahaha, to look bored and angry ... Will keep that in mind the next I take pics of myself, hehe.

    And I love your shoes! :P

  14. jenna, valerie, coco, katie- yes, these shoes are great! they are one of my favorites, and add pizazz to any outfit. the shoes are easy spirits, and i've thrifted these exact ones at least three times over the years... they're actually pretty common at most thrift stores i've been to. if not in red, then another color. oh, and they're really comfy too.

    jorja- girl, there are so many amazing shoot locations everywhere... i'm sure wherever you are, you could find some awesome ones for your photos. i often get jealous of the bloggers that have country and wide open space to shoot in!

    emily- my boyfriend matt took them :)

    katie- pssh, girl you're not fat, stop it. i have a very curvy figure, but i think showing it off is better than trying to hide it with baggy, ugly pants. embrace the skinny jeans!

    marisa- slouchy hats are my fave :)

    miki- yeah, try it out!! see what you come up with :)

    thank you, girls. <3

  15. You look like a sass master in those last two photos. So beautiful! Also, I'm interested to know where in Rhode Island you thrifted your new hat :) I'm from CT, closer to NY, actually, but I spend a lot of time in RI and I'm always down for new thrift stores.

  16. i got it at the johnnycake center in westerly! 23 industrial drive. it's hit or miss there, but i always find something :)



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