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sponsor chantillysongs in february

sponsor feb '12

hello friends!!

i'm happy to be able to offer sponsorships and swap options for february :)

chantillysongs is the website and lifestyle blog of me! chantilly. your friendly neighborhood singer-songwriter/ crazy cat lady. my focus is music, style, photography, indie, diy, and food. i'd love to talk about featuring you here :)

as of right now the rates are *very* reasonable (including free), and i'm offering two options:

sponsors dec
sponsors dec

the free option is a popular one, and i'm happy to do it... however, i do want to start limiting the number swaps that i take on, so it's on a case-by-case basis, and preference goes to people who have a similar number of followers (or if i just really love your blog.) i hope this doesn't sound elitist- i just want a way to filter a little!

as of 12/19/11, i have:
~317 google friend connect followers
~355 twitter followers
~4,600 pageviews in december, and poised to reach a similar amount in january
~1,200 unique visitors so far this month

i LOVE connecting with new bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and musicians, so don't hesitate to contact me :)

if you're interested, please email chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com.



  1. I'm emailing you :)
    - Mandi (www.lifeinbeta.com)

  2. Hi!! thanks loved their visits, coming back and I'm sorry the terrible English
    kisses rose jp


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