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spring wishlist...

the cold weather has just started to pick up here in nyc, but already it's getting to me. i find myself yearning for flowers, picnics, and warm days. i'm also thinking about little dresses to go frolic in...

i've been finding myself browsing more and more online. held captive by the thought of spring dresses, skirts, and cute shoes. my fantasies include but are not limited to....

macy's ladies sandals

i've been looking for a pair of shoes like this for awhile. it's hard to walk in heels in nyc. but these ladies sandals seem to have a wide enough heel so that it would be comfortable. i see so many bloggers in ginormous platforms. i used to wear them too! i want to again...

chantilly modcloth dress

casual and vibrant. i love the color and bold stripey print of this dress.

chantilly modcloth dress

i've also always wanted something with a peter-pan collar, and i've seen a lot of other bloggers rocking this dress recently. it would be a perfect for valentine's day :) i would wear it with tights covered in hearts. but it could also transition well to summertime. it is so cute!!

chantilly modcloth dress

now this one, i've been eying for awhile. the print is just too good. i've held out over months and months, and didn't even get it when modcloth had had their christmas sale a few weeks ago.

well, they finally had their cabin fever sale the other day, so i snatched one!! only thing is, i didn't get the size i wanted. so here's hoping it fits and/ or shrinks.



  1. Oh I love those heels! And the dress with the peter pan collar is my favorite. It's so hard to find anything with peter pan collars and I think they're darn cute.
    - Mandi (www.lifeinbeta.com)

  2. My oh my Ms. Chantilly...your list is making me want to buy more dresses! I'm glad you got the dress you've had your eyes on. I had to order a couple that may not fit because of the sizes they had left too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Those shoes are super cute too...I love the little zipper on the heel. I hope warmer weather doesn't take too long to get to you.

  3. I've been eyeing up that last dress for a while and almost bought it on sale at Modcloth the other day, but resisted b/c I have a vintage dress that is similar in color..arg, I should I have gotten it! The red dress...my next inclination was to rock it with heart tights...hehe, I guess great minds think alike. And of course I love everything you picked out as well. Stay warm darling!

  4. love all of these and please tell me, have you come across any heart covered tights? I neeeed some :o)

  5. Loved the post and the beautiful dresses
    rose jp

  6. I love the red dress that has got to be my favorite one of your choices :D

  7. I love those shoes and the last dress! ;P I, too, am dreaming of warmer days; hate winter, boo!

    Happy midweek! :P


  8. i heart those dresses so much!! those wedges look pretty and comfy too, i like that kinda shoe!

  9. amanda- yeah, peter pan collars are kinda hard to find, right? i've been thinking about just getting one separately.

    jenna- i hope if my dress doesn't fit, i can just shrink it in the wash. it's so unfortunate, isn't it? this is why i never usually order online, even from "cool" places like modcloth.

    marisa- i know... we should do a dress swap! you've got the red one, and i've got the floral... let's do it!

    anna- i think i saw some at urban outfitters a few months ago... also, i saw elycia (loveelycia.blogspot) wear some on her blog... i think she said she got them at target.

    thanks everyone <3

  10. These are some super cute dresses! Hopefully it will be warm enough soon for you to buy and wear them!

  11. I am OBSESSED with the peter pan collars. I think they are just so cute. I love that last dress too. I wanted it to badly, but didn't have the funds during the cabin fever sale. I hope your's fits & your love it!


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