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staying organized

i feel like i'm a pretty disorganized person by nature. or... i have what many like to call "disorganized organization."

it's gotten better over the years. and i continue to progress on this front as i have ideas, handle tasks, become more responsible, and generally manage my life as an adult/ become the master of my own destiny.

and someday, i will have my own assistant/ intern to help me with all these little things...

but until that day, meet my official organization team-

notebooks 1

my computer, my to-do list notebook, and my ideas/ business notebook. i've tried other things... google docs, desk calendars, writing things down on little scraps of paper, to be eaten by my pockets... nothing works!

this little notebook is the best thing i've ever found to remember things with. i have it on me at all times, and write down things to do as i remember them. then, i just cross them off after i'm done!

oh how i love that feeling...

organize 2
organize 3

it might seem super simple, but it's the only thing that's helped me over the years. i need to get a new one soon!

the other little notebook, i've been using in conjunction with a book that i've been reading about manifesting dreams, etc. i write down exercises from the book, but also use it for inspiration and ideas.

and also for things like this ep release flow chart! (yet to be completed...)

organize 4

how do you stay organized??



  1. i have a daily planner for personal appointments, deadlines, school, etc. and i have a moleskin notebook for the blog- to do lists and calendars.

  2. I have about 25 of these little notebooks. If I could just stick with writing in a few I might be better organized!

  3. emily- i think i'm going to try a little moleskin for my next to-do list notebook. i generally like fancier ones, but the moleskins do seem sturdy and practical...

    amanda- that's exactly how i was! something about this specific notebook changed my life. maybe it's the size, or just because it's so pretty and fancy... i don't know! i wish i could find a million duplicates, but i can't. so as i mentioned, gonna try out the moleskin....

  4. I am also a fan of the notebooks, but right now my organization could use some work. I use Teux Deux online to make a running daily to-do list, but really do find it more helpful to have it on paper. Definitely need to come up with a new plan, especially with school starting again on Tuesday.


  5. I keep all my writing in and ideas in one big binder. Then I have two other notebooks that I use. My thoughts are all over the place so it's a struggle to stay organized but I survive :) btw I love your music♥

  6. My life centres around my filofax. Cannot cope without lists!

  7. I love organizing things... haha!

    I have a WordPress plugin for my blog posts. I like it because I can rearrange already-written and draft-form posts just by dragging and dropping them around.

    I have a blog idea notebook where I write down random ideas for all my blogs/sites/etc. When I get stuck and need a blog post, I just look through it for ideas!

    I have a weekly to-do list broken into each day for things (mostly business related) that i need to get done each day of the week.

    I have a whiteboard with more long-term goals, like creating blog templates, freebies to offer on my site, etc.

    I have a monthly client calendar where I write in due dates and when to follow up with people.

    I think that's about it! =]

  8. Same thing here; sometimes my table/room, etc can look disorganized, but I know exactly where everything is :p. I've been making an effort to keep myself organized for David's and my own sake, though. And yes, notebooks have proven to work to me, too :). They're practical and cute!

    Hope you're having a great week, girl! :D

  9. all such wonderful organization ideas :)


  10. You take the most beautiful photos of even the simplest things.

  11. I've tried a gazillion things over the years, but keep coming back to the simple paper planner. You're right, there's something satisfying about crossing out an item on my to-do list!!


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