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sunday songs ~ robyn

i first heard this song about a year ago whilst browsing in urban outfitters. i then went home and looked up the video on youtube...

reasons why i think this song and video are awesome:

- it's catchy in a "song that never ends" sort of way.
- the outfit?!
- the "let her down easy" part.
- the way your stomach drops after the first time it goes dark, and the strobe lights flash.
- it reminds me that i want to go dancing.
- she is more entertaining and energetic dancing all by herself than a pop star with a 50 million-dollar budget and 50 backup dancers.

- and finally, the sentiment.

for example, remember this song? ...

it's the same subject, but the pussycat dolls are just being jerks about it. don't get me wrong, i used to grind my booty off to this song, even though it's totally trashy :D

it's just nice how robyn was able to put a compassionate spin on the message. she's not trying to take her competition down in a swirl of flames... she's taking the high road. sometimes things just work better with someone else, and you need to break up. and that's all. and that's why even though it's a dance/ pop song, i think its undertone is a wise one, which i appreciate :)



  1. No joke...I watched that video based solely on what you wrote about it and the PCD video. I usually don't watch videos! Glad I did though...Robyn is working it out isn't she? Talk about a telling video...just her and a warehouse and some lights. No hiding there. Great song too!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Robyn!
    Really want to see her live so she can sing Be Mine - love that song!
    nadiine @ freebird.

  3. I didn't think I'd love that Robyn video so much, but I do. I really really love it and for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I also love that it has become so popular and all but without using vulgarity or being all sexually explicit, you know? I'm no prude or what not, but I enjoy a good song that can be enjoyed with kids around too. Anyway, I better go watch it again. :)


  4. sara- yeah, i hate to seem like an old fart... but i kinda agree! i admit- frankly there are a lot of explicit songs that i really enjoy. but i don't think EVERYTHING has to be about that.

    there's nothing wrong with sexuality or naked/ partially covered bodies... but it doesn't mean people need to be constantly objectifying themselves and each other.


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