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sunday songs

i've been meaning to make sunday songs a weekly thing, but i've fallen behind. it's meant to be a series of posts, dedicated to inspiring music/ what i've been listening to/ promoting indie artists. so i guess this is the second installment :) first one being with bloggy heroes hue and hum over a month ago...

oh well. start all over again, that's what i always say!

so anyway, i've been listening to this song this week-

a friend of mine started taking voice lessons with me recently. when she said she wanted to do this song, i was pumped. i *love* this album.

so i've been learning how to play the guitar part, which is not that hard. it's just i've been trying to play it on an acoustic guitar. i do have an electric, but only a tiny practice amp. i can't really get that distortion/ noise that makes the song so epic...

anyway, i hope you enjoy pj harvey :)

what are you listening to this week?
recommendations are welcome!




yesterday, i posted a winner for the shabby apple dress giveaway, but it turns out that winner was ineligible. so i picked a new winner at random, and she is gina maddox. enjoy your dress, gina!


  1. Polly rocks, hehe. I've been listening to you, haha, and Pulp and well, lots of Britpop, as usual.


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