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art stroll

we ventured out to manhattan yesterday to run some errands and have dinner :) here i am, bracing for the inevitable... having to take my coat off for the sake of outfit photos.

the things we do for blogging...

we were outside of blick art store, where i got some gelly roll glitter pens that i'm way too excited about! i can't wait to use them in some project, or maybe just to write someone a love note with :)

now usually i do a bunch of editing to my photos to get that "vintagey" effect. but i just loved the way the colors came out here, so i decided to leave them alone this time... they're perfect as is! this whole outfit is full of unbelievable scores. the dress was $2.50. the shoes were i think, $3. the scarf, an anthropologie $10 sale item. in fact, total cost of the outfit, including coat: $44.50

chantilly lulu's

a couple of these items are really special, and i'm going to be reporting on them further this week:

- the amazing vintage hat, my parents found for me on a recent "house haul" for their store.
- and the sweater was an awesome gift from the style studio event i attended on friday thrown by lulu's! i was running late, and was one of the last people let in to look at the clothing and pick an item. i ended up being really happy with this sweater though, and haven't been able to take it off! it is SO cozy (but not very warm.)

chantilly lulu's

coat- thrifted, ri
hat- vintage from my parent's store
scarf- anthropologie
dress- thrifted, long island
necklace- closeout store, nyc
sweater- c/o lulu's style studio event
tights- c/o we love colors
gloves- u.o.
socks- we love colors
shoes- thrifted, ct

chantilly lulu's



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  1. What amazing looks!! Stunning.

  2. I adore your hat, it looks so cute <3

  3. I love your dress -- which seems like a skirt in your photo shoot. Very clever! I adore polka-dots!

  4. So many pretty colors! Now put that coat back on before you catch cold ;)

  5. You are definitely fit for an art stroll with a wonderful mix of sophistication and color. Plus, you have such a classic wonderful beauty that helps tie everything together.

    And gelly roll glitter pens?! Middle school flashback of amazingness. Have fun with those! :)


  6. Lovely, lovely as always! I love the hat and the sweater is fabulous! What a great take away you got from the event. The photos are gorgeous I'm glad you left them as they are. : )

  7. oh i do love your style so much. you look amazing! and a complete bargain as well! lovely all round! :)

  8. I'm so in love with the hat! Good choice on the sweater- it is the perfect color! I love all of your layers, you look nice and cozy and blue + green is the best :)

  9. Love the colors in these photos! :D And that hat is amazing! :P

  10. Glad you braved the cold & showed us this outfit because it's cute cute cute!! Love the bright blue + dark blue :)

  11. For barely editing these photos...the colors are unbelievably fantastical! I love how much they pop. And there you go again with concocting another beautiful color have my heart with this whole look:) Even more awesome that you scored so much for so little. Happy Valentine's dear gal!


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