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chantilly at lulu's style studio!

happy valentine's day, everyone!

i have to confess, i don't really have a valentine's post for you lined up. so instead, i'll just talk about the lulu's event i went to on friday night....

(it's about to get fashion-y up in hizzere.)

lulu's table 1

i found out about the lulu's event on thursday last week. i already had two other commitments on the night it was happening, but resolved to power through and go anyway... if only for the experience and free stuff :)

lulu's cuppys

as you can see, everything was impossibly beautiful. and the event boasted the tiniest, most glitter-topped cupcakes i've ever seen. i ate one, then went on the hunt for the free drinks. about 20 minutes later, everything on the pretty sweets table seemed to have vanished :(

however, the booze flowed freely.

(a little too freely...)

lulu's hypnotique

lulu's hypnotique 2

i stood awkwardly by myself for awhile, then finally broke the ice by asking a group of girls next to me if i could take their picture. one of them turned out to be veronika of tick tock vintage, who i felt silly for not having recognized.

i then proceeded to nerd out and take picture after goofy picture. geektown, population: 1

with veronika/ tick tock vintage & kristina/ the rebel waltz
lulu's ppl

the beautiful people

with veronika & kaitlin/ all this happiness (the other girls, i didn't meet)
lulu's people

i was pretty relieved when i saw someone that i actually knew- an acquaintance from college, stephanie. we didn't talk for that long, but she stuck around long enough to take decent (but somewhat blurry) shot of my outfit for me.

thank you stephanie! hope you got something good.

lulu's stephanie

lulu's chantilly 2

once i was finally let into the area where i could choose a free item of clothing, i had another huge geekout moment, when i met julie from orchid grey. hers was one of the first style blogs i started following. i gushed about her blog, and how much i loved her hair. but luckily, didn't appear too silly in the process (?)

chantilly orchid grey lulu's

by this time, i had no more time. so i ran around the racks in the room, frantically looking for something that i liked. i saw someone walking around with this dress, and was completely jealous. briefly considered this top, and was about to walk away with it.

but then i spotted this sweater, which i wore in yesterday's post! i felt like it fit my style much more than a formal, flowy blouse would, so i snagged it.

plus, the color is my ultimate jam.

lulu's mint sweater

other lulu's swag included-

lulu's swag

- a lulu's tote bag
- two pairs of faux eyelashes
- an nyx gift set with a lipgloss, mascara, and an eye pencil
- a lip balm
- hair removal cream
- a $20 jewelmint gift card
- a coupon code for a free pair of shoes from michael! (these shoes are not really my style, but i couldn't get the code to work, anyway...)

the rest of friday night... to be continued!!


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  1. Looks like such a fun, delicious party! Even though that photo of you is blurry, I think it looks really cool, and you look fantastic!

  2. Wow I love the pics, looks like a huge girls night out! :) It must have been such a blast! I wish I could visit such an event, how lovely that you get all this free stuff (however it's strange that the coupon code doesn't work, that shouldn't happen).
    Thanks for sharing this event so I kind of "take part in it mentally" haha ;)

  3. SO cool, Chantilly! :D I'm glad you decided to go! Getting free stuff rocks, haha! Ah, I miss being in Buenos Aires! My sister is the director of a fashion design school, so she always included me in fashion shows and events. I miss the goodie bags and sitting by the runway :(! I used to feel like a fish out of water surrounded by fancy people, though, but it was fun :p.

    Oh, I forgot to say something about Valentine's Day, haha. We're not going to do anything here, just boil some pasta, haha, and MAYBE, if I feel like it, I'll decorate the table a little.

    Tight hugs! And happy Tuesday!

  4. Holy more perfect could that night get? Between those cupcakes, meeting some awesome bloggers, free drinks, and that sweater, I'd be in heaven! Everything there looks like it has a magical spell cast on it...just gorgeous!

  5. What a great party! And so purple! I love it<3

    And the things you got are amazing, that sweater is stunning:)

  6. Beautiful pics !
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