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chocolate peanut butter milkshake recipe

when i was 17, i had this job at friendly's as an ice cream scooper.

i wanted to work there because a few of my friends already did, and thought it would be way cool to socialize and get paid at the same time. unfortunately, i was never, ever scheduled to do shifts with them... thus rendering my time wasted, and my efforts meaningless (in my teenaged mind.)

one of the only redeeming things about that job was discovering the profound existence of peanut butter sauce. i mean, i always knew about it before... but i never knew just HOW good it could make an already delicious dessert.

peanut butter-smothered brownies... peanut butter and crushed oreos... strawberries and peanut butter. i'll surely never forget the day i decided to add peanut butter sauce to a MILKSHAKE. that was a good day, indeed.

so in that spirit...

chocolate pb milkshake

Here is what you'll need
3 1/2 scoops chocolate ice cream
3 tbs chocolate syrup
1/2 cup of milk
2 tbs peanut butter
1/2 tbs vanilla extract

i mean, you could just throw all this stuff together in a bowl and call it a day. but for the sake of the post, let's take it all the way...

chocolate pb milkshake 2

i used a magic bullet to mix all the ingredients, but blenders obviously work too ;)

on a side note, i read a few reviews stating that it is sacrilege to use chocolate ice cream in a chocolate shake. it will make it too sweet. vanilla ice cream all the way, plus lots of syrup.

well. as an ex-friendly's employee, i must tell you that they used chocolate ice cream for chocolate shakes. however they also had "frappes"... which used something called iced milk, then mixed it with regular milk, and whatever flavor the customer wanted.

i can't even believe i remembered all that...

anyway... enjoy the YUMNESS. :) xx

chocolate pb milkshake 3

chocolate pb milkshake 4


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  1. This sounds so freaking good!

  2. one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, please.

  3. Oh my goood..... I love peanut butter! It's my favourite food ever. I want this now!!!

  4. ummm hi amazeface. that looks delectable!

  5. Oh my this looks so delicious!!


  7. You're totally welcome to visit anytime and make us some yummy milkshakes, miss ex friendly's employee ;). I don't even own a blender haha.

  8. Oh, I still haven't developed a taste for peanut butter. I don't know if it's sweet or salty; if I like it or don't, haha.

    Maybe I can give this a try.

    Actually, I shouldn't, haha!

    Happy Wednesday! ;D

  9. I loooove pb & chocolate! Yum! It's funny the stuff we retain from past jobs. I worked in video stores for 6.5 years and I tend to categorize THEN alphabetize my movies :)

  10. caitlin- omg how fun would it be to have a blogger milkshake-making-meetup?! someday...

    miki- i relate with you on a lot of things girl, but i just can't see eye to eye with you on this one :P peanut butter is... i mean... it just makes everything better.

    lisa- funny story :)


  11. It 2:30 in the AM and I should be in bed...but now I am seeing this and having a late night craving. Darn night owl in me:) This looks way too good not to try.

    You used to work at Friendly's!! I love it! I cannot tell you how bad I wanted to work there when I was in high school...sadly I had to settle for McD's...hehe.


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