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check out my new favorite skirt :) i've had my eye on this one for awhile...

american apparel 2
photos by matthew panton

my friend damon and i went out shopping last week, as part of his kickstarter reward. i picked him out some cool stuff, but as an extra thank you, he wanted to get me an item of clothing!

we were near an american apparel, so i chose this skirt. it's a corduroy circle skirt... the shape is so flattering that now i wish i had them in every color.

i also wish i had more of these little vintage button-up shirts... i wear this one so much!

american apparel 4

american apparel 6

shirt- vintage
skirt- american apparel
tights- hue
dreamcatcher necklace- foxwoods casino
booties- vance c/o blowfish shoes

american apparel 7

american apparel 8

i hope everyone had a nice weekend.

i've been sort of a shut-in... but the good news is i think i finish the cd artwork! sort of... it still needs some tweaks, and i need to show it to someone who can tell me if i did everything right. but other than that... it's done.

i can't believe i designed cd artwork. this is weird (but cool.)



  1. Hey! My dress on my WIW today is a circle skirt! Great minds dress alike haha. You look super cute. I love the pairing of the button up with the skirt. And your hair is lookin' pretty fierce too! Work it out girlie! :)

  2. Congratulations for the cd artwork:D...cant wait to see it!!
    Really like your outfit!! you look effortlessly cool!!!

  3. Oh this is so pretty!
    I love this look on you.

  4. Nice pics! Your so pretty :)

  5. Adorable look. The skirt is super cute.

  6. i haven't been to your blog in forever...sorry about that. but, i love the design! it's super fabulous! i'm getting a new one soon, but my designer just had a baby--what am i gonna do?

    i like your style. i don't think i could ever pull off that outfit, but it looks great on you!

  7. jenna- circle skirt twinsies!! i've been wearing mine for oh... at least every day since i got it.

    gini- thank you, i'm so pumped about it. and at the risk of sounding haughty- quite pleased with myself :)

    twisted ruffle- it's cool! it's funny how many people comment on my design... because i did myself, and i'm not a designer. i feel like i'm getting sick of it again, and in need of a change. lol. good luck with yours, though! i'm sure it will come out awesome.


  8. Ohh, that truly is the prettiest skirt! <3 I love love love the shape!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  9. I ADORE that skirt on you. It does seriously look amazing on you. That's great that you finished the cd artwork!!

  10. Thanks for checking out my blog! Love this outfit! The tights definitely make it awesome.

    Last day of my GIVEAWAY!

  11. YOU are so cute! lol

    i love the blog girl.

    love, rach.

  12. Chantilly you are so stunning! I love this skirt :)

  13. I love cord! That skirt is really cute. Love the shoes too! xx

  14. That is so very cool!! I honestly can't wait to see and hear it:) Corduroy is the best and that skirt certainly was a fantastic little find. You always create the best palettes...purple and tan <3!

    Hope your week is going swell darling gal. On a side note..I will be emailing you probably very late tonight once I get the button for my etsy figured out for the sponsoring spot:) xx Marisa

  15. Cute!! I love the colored tights!

  16. What a lovely skirt! And so cool about the CD artwork :D

  17. That was so sweet of your friend! You look great in this skirt ;). I think you should totally try to get it in a different color. When an item feels right and looks great, it's worth storing an extra one.

    And congrats on having almost finished the CD artwork! :D Can't wait to see it!

    And last but not least, thanks a million for all your support and for being there. I think I am now ready to really focus and work on getting stronger and more confident :). It feels nice to be back here, btw! Missed you!

    Hope you're having a great week!


  18. ... Dammit, now I want that skirt in every color, too! Circle patterns and A lines make Jas a happy, happy girl.

    You are so adorable. I love it!

  19. lovin the purple and vintage tint of these pics! :)
    Last one is my fav tho :)


  20. I absolutely adore this combo...I am slowly warming up to all things purple! That skirt is perfection! Thanks for stopping my blog, I hope you stop by again and maybe follow?! Xo Lori

  21. this is super cute and your style is so unique. glad i found your blog :)

  22. I really like this look! That shirt goes so well with the skirt :)

    xo Jennifer

  23. I love this outfit! I just bought a skirt at AA today but I'm kinda wishing I would've tried this one on instead! I have to stick with neutral investment pieces there since they are pricier than I'm used to :)


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