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glitter folder diy

grrr, i accidentally published this post the other day... sorry if it's a re-post for any of you!

good news- i've been picking up more students lately!

it's been a great blessing. but truthfully, it's part of the reason i've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. more students mean more responsibility, more things to remember, more skills to learn, etc.

organization helps me with this. so i got an ugly folder at staples in which i could keep files, lesson plans, and papers to mark down weekly progress. i thought it might be more fun to look at if i jazzed it up a little :)

first, i made a little cutout from brown wrapping paper, stamped it, and glued it on the front cover (a process which unfortunately, i did not document.)

but i felt like the folder needed something else... so i decided to glitter it up.

glitter folder 1

i just mixed a few drops of water with about 1 tbs (?) of mod podge in a bowl, then added a packet glitter i had floating around.

glitter folder 2

then painted...

glitter folder 3

glitter folder 4

it didn't turn out quite the way i wanted, but i do like it better than before. my glitter wasn't very sparkly, and next time i want to focus on getting a more even coat.

glitter folder 5

oh well. at least i have a place to store my info now!

glitter folder 6


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  1. Cuuute! :) And it definitely helps when feeling a little overwhelmed at work to do small things like this for fun/organization..thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool! When I first started teaching, my boss forced me keep a record of the planning of the classes and then what was actually done during class. I even had to write down the new lexicon the students learned that day. I first loathed the idea because it seemed too much work; plus, I hated it when my boss would go over those pages! I felt so scared, haha! But then I got used to doing it and didn't feel like such a heavy chore. It's actually really neat to be able to see everything you've done and what you're planning to do to help your students ;). And it's way neater if you do it in a pretty notebook like yours! ;)

    Btw, man! I didn't know Michael's had discount coupons! My mother-in-law is going to be so happy when I tell her! I hope I earn some kudos, haha.

    Happy Thursday, Chantilly! ;D

  3. thank you girls!

    miki- yes, it does help immensely :) before, i would just see students here and there, and would always be able to just remember what we were working on last time. now it helps me to have papers that i can keep track of everyone's progress.

    one of my biggest energy drains is feeling like i have to remember everything all the time. i'm so bad at it. if i can just write things down, i can get them off my mind and start working on the next thing.

  4. LOVE IT!!

  5. Look at you being all crafty! That's pretty cute!

  6. I used to keep everything in 3 ring binders when I taught..definitely not a cute! I love this idea. Just took a brand new student on today...first since I moved, so I'll have to get a little more fancy with my organization now after seeing this:)

  7. I love glitter! This is super cute.

  8. Ooh, this is such a clever and adorable D.I.Y. - I love the end result! Thank you so much for sharing <3


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