February 29, 2012

guest posting ~ life in beta

hey-llo friends.

it's gloomy in the city today, but hopefully this guest post will cheer you up! i'm hanging out over at life in beta, and the weather is much nicer there.

come visit...

chantilly outfit 5


i'm sure you've heard, but tomorrow is the big change in google friend connect. i think i'm in the clear, since my platform is blogger. but i just wanted to highlight some other ways to follow me, in case you don't have a blogger blog-

bloglovin- many people love this, and i have a feeling it's gonna become the new "in" thang.
twitter- i often tell my followers when i do a new post. plus you can find out lots of other fun/ random/ tmi things about me :)
feedburner- i must tell you, i have zero experience with feedburner, and actually just made my feed today. but it's popular. and people use it. so there it is :)

hope everyone is having a great day!!



ps, there's still time to enter my vintage apron giveaway. go here!! xo

vintage apron giveaway


  1. Oh, so tomorrow is the day :/; that sucks :(.

    I'm going over to read your guest post ;).


  2. I like the heart C that begins how you write your name.


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