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pete's show/ gallery

just a few more pictures of my friday night adventures for you :)

after i snagged my pretty sweater at the lulu's event, i hustled over to 14th street for a quick look at matt's photo gallery exhibit.

matt gallery

michelle gallery

gallery jeff

i felt bad because i couldn't stay there long. i wanted to socialize with my friends and leisurely sip merlot... but had to settle for stuffing some cheese in my face and pouring a cup (two cups?) down my throat. i still can't believe all these important/ cool things happened in one night!

the man and his photos.

matt gallery 2

i got a head start before my friends, and headed to pete's candy store on my own. i had cleverly stored my guitar there earlier in the day so that i would not have to carry it around with me ;) then, i started to claim my free drinks...

now, the thing about drinking three hypnotique cocktails (lulu's), two glasses of wine (gallery), and a gin and tonic (pete's) is that you start to eventually feel a little.... tipsy.


the show was still good, though :) but never again...

and check out that stage... isn't it beautiful? the performance space is made out of an old train car!



outside looking in


upside down friends





  1. Coooool what a fun night! :)

    That stage is completely awesome.

  2. That looks like the best night :) What a beautiful space and I really hope to get to see you play one day!

  3. Love these pictures, that stage is to die for...what a great idea!

  4. What an amazing stage! I'd love to have seen you sing! One day! ;)

    Happy Wednesday! :p

  5. That venue looks absolutely amazing:)..
    Sometimes it seems everything happens at the same time,there will be days where so many cool things are going on and cant enjoy them all and some were not even the phone rings.. ahhhhhh Anyway it seems that you were able to make the best out of the 3 events:)..
    Love these photos of you..beautiful!!!

  6. What a busy busy night, but it looks like you had lots of fun...maybe too much :)

    I agree, that stage is really cool!

  7. Wow, that is a beautiful stage!! Gosh I wish I was there Miss Chantilly:) Sounds like one exciting evening...but I have to give it to you...after 2 drinks, I would have been a mess on any instrument. And of course, you look absolutely darling too! xx Marisa

  8. Cool blog! =)

  9. Aw sounds like an awesome evening (despite or because of the tipsyness, haha)! And that stage is too cool for words :)
    Life is a romantic poem

  10. Oh gosh i just finished listening to dillusion and I must say it, I LOVED it. You just gained a new fan.

    Life is a romantic poem

  11. love these pics! and yes! love the stage area! :D


  12. thank you so much girls! i really appreciate all your sweet comments... it really was a crazy night :P


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