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style posts- the revising process

whenever you do a style post, there are always "ones that got away..." or pictures that you decide not to use, for whatever reason. my photos go through a series of filters, as i decide which ones to put out there.

my process for paring down involves:

1) taking photos, immediately deleting the ones i hate from the camera
2) uploading photos to laptop, deleting ones i hate
3) editing them, delete some more
4) choosing 7-10 photos to upload to flickr
5) finally, creating a new post, deciding which ones go best together, choosing the order, and again- eliminating pictures that don't fit with the theme.

often after i've uploaded a photo i previously liked, i compare it with other photos and decide it doesn't belong with the rest.

seeing as i don't have a new style post for you today (no camera this weekend!) i thought i'd show you a few photos from recent posts that came this close....but didn't make the cut!

chantilly blowfish sadiki

i liked this photo... but i felt that i looked a bit stiff, and my smile is a little forced/ blank. reminds me of a little kid posing for pictures for their parents.

chantilly outfit 4

i actually really loved the composition of this photo! the painting, my pose, the creepy mannequin... but that is one goofy smile :P it didn't really fit in with the tone of the other photos in this set.

chan tulle 6

again, i wasn't really fond of the facial expression in this picture. and i'm picky about the way my bangs look... i don't like them here. otherwise, i really wish i could've included this one... i think it's the only picture from this set where i'm looking at the camera!

i guess there's nothing really wrong with any of these pictures. but with each of them something was a little "off" for me.

for photos or otherwise, what's your revising process like?

lots of love,


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  1. I am the same way about my bangs! I hate when they get a little part in them. The wind is the bane of my bangs existence. I can imagine most fashion bloggers have a similar process. Though I end up putting outtake photos in a lot because I end up laughing so much feeling like a fool because I know my neighbors can see me!

  2. I am not nearly this picky (but probably should be). Your styles post always look very nice. I do try to go for a 'style' in every post but I also love putting up the goofy ones :)

  3. Haha, yeah it can be tough. Well I've given myself the luxury of just posting headless photos. It's great as I find it so very hard to have a good expression when posing. Now I can look however creepy or tired or whatever, I like:)

    Love the last picture btw!

  4. I only ever take four or five photos so my process is fast!

  5. I really like these photos; the last 2 in particular. I'm very picky when it comes to posting a photo of me. I take tons and then end up using 3 or none at all, haha. I'm rarely 100% happy with what I see, but oh, well ...

    Hope you've started the week off with a smile! :D


  6. hi! nice post.
    i am extremelly picky when it comes to photos until one day I just say, now stop it! you have to post an outfit post!!! and I just stop being sily and choose the less "terrible" ones, haha. I must say that I take LOADS of photos for each outfut, so usually there MUST be a few I like.
    I tend to choose the ones that I am not looking into the camera directly... I am bnever happy with my facial expresion :)
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  7. Oh! I had forgotten to say congrats on having been on Blowfish's video once again! ;D Love the song!

  8. I'm not one to do style posts really, but for other photos I do things similarly to you. Delete the ones from the camera that I'm not a fan of and then upload. Then choose which to use. I need to go through all of my pictures and delete/organize/edit, but it's such a big job that I've been putting it off for months.


  9. What a great insight into your process! I'm probably my harshest critic, I usually like about 2 photos out of a set of 50. And for me, editing is my favorite part (I'm a cinematographer at heart) where it's all about tone and color. x

  10. Your pictures are so great. Obviously, I need to be taking more. On my last post, I had one shot of the front of my dress and my face looked ridiculous. And I don't mean ridiculously beautiful. I simply mean ridiculous.

  11. My process is pretty much the same. I make sure to delete photos first that I have like 3 chins in. Then if my smile looks creepy or forced, I delete them. These don't look bad though!

  12. I feel the same way about my bangs. Nothing ruins a photo of myself more than wonky bangs :)

    I know what you mean when you have a fantastic photo, but there's just something not right about it. It's not an awful photo, but there's just something off about it that you wish wasn't because otherwise it is one of the best photos of the bunch.

  13. Hi, I liked the post ... great tips ... I loved their dresses
    kisses rose jp

  14. My process is pretty much so the same as yours. Once I get the photos into Photoshop Elements, I can see which ones edit the best. All too many times I am known for having a huge cheesy smile, so I guess that is something I'll have to accept in my photos. Yours are all winners I'd say:) You have quite a knack for picking cool and quirky backdrops. xx Marisa

  15. Thanks for this post! It's nice reading about someone else's thought process when choosing the pictures they use. Sounds pretty similar to me, I usually dislike most of my pictures, but I try to not take that many so I'm forced to choose. It's kind of funny that usually the things that bother us in pictures of our selves other people don't even notice. Like your bangs.. I think they look great!

    Forever Fashionably Late

  16. I love all the deleting parts of it! I like to end up with about 5 photos. Also that 2nd pic is uber cute!!!

  17. I seriously loved this post! It's so great to hear that I'm not the only one who gets caught up in the nitpicky details and I'm here to tell you what my friends always tell me- you look great & you're the only one who noticed these things! haha seriously, all these pics looked just fine to me but I love that you were honest about it. (And you are so pretty and adorable!)

  18. I have the exact same process! When I look back on the ones that got left out I sometimes like those more so than some that made the og cut. Anyway, these and those chosen are lovely.

  19. This is a good process! I always get overwhelmed when I take about 50+ and half of them are the same sans my facial expressions or a crease in my dress etc.

  20. jenna- YES. the little part. or, for me it's partS (multiple.) it's so annoying... all the other cool girls' hair never seems to do that! however, i complained to my new hairdresser about it, and she said many people come into the salon looking to achieve that look! it made me feel a little better about it...

    alice- i tend to choose ones where i'm not looking at the camera, too! but i feel like in general, people respond better to shots where you're looking directly in the camera, so i always feel like i should post those. oh well..

    arielle- 3 chins. ha! i always find it so weird how a photo can either look horrifying or amazing depending on the angle, lighting, etc. anyone can take a flattering or unflattering photo, depending on the conditions.

    marisa- your smiles are so not cheesy!

    victoria- yeah, taking too many photos is it's own annoyance. it's one of the reasons i don't really like using a continuous-self-timer. you end up with sooo many photos that are only incrementally different from each other...

    dusana- i am soooo picky... you don't even know!

    midwest muse- i try to take no more than 30 photos, and use various poses/ backdrop variances. sometimes that can pull things out of the "too same" rut :)



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