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sunday songs ~ no one's gonna love you

you know...

the more i go on walking around this earth, i find that i care about what people think of me less and less. take for example, today. i decided to go for some brunchies all by lonesome. just me with my coffee, eggs, and bacon. head-bobbing to the music like a maniac, staring off into space.

but then a song came on that almost made me pee my pants and spit out my coffee at the same time...

well, it wasn't actually this song (although i've spent many nights watching this video, crying into my beer), it was a COVER of this song. and it blew me away!!

(gahhh, the record label is blocking it from playback on my site! go watch it on youtube! you won't be disappointed.)

i love this take on the song. i actually think cee lo's version is even a little stronger. i love how the chorus (really more of a refrain) opens up in a glorious bloom of strings and synthesizers. the same can be said for the bridge section ("things start splitting at the seams...") like sunshine coming through clouds on a gloomy day.

to me, this makes the song flow better, and build up in a more satisfying way. i think i literally said to myself outloud "HAHA YESSS" the first time i heard the chorus.

i'm also digging his alternate melody. the beat and the strings lend themselves to make the overall tone feel more hopeful than the original.

i think it just makes a case for the fact that if you've got a strong song, it will translate well into several different genres. and also how big of a difference production can make :)

well anyway, i hope everyone is enjoying their sunday.

when i was a little kid, i used to take some of the little creamers and jelly packets with me when i went to restaurants. why exactly? i don't know. but i took one with me today for old time's sake :) just to remind me of the awesome song i discovered there today.

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  1. i love that song from Band of horses..i saw them live a few years ago and that song was just amazing live... (and i can also remember that most people in the audience were incredibly tall(and with a beard)haha sorry for the random fact hah)... Anyway.. im just listening to the cee lo version..its true that this version sounds a lot more hopeful than the original..its almost like a total different song...
    Good for you for having brunch all by yourself feels nice to go out and appreciate our own company sometimes...

  2. Full of style. Love it.

  3. Anonymous2/19/2012

    That's a good song by Band of Horses. I love Cee Lo's take on it!

  4. Okay, this is amazing. I adore this song so much, and Cee Lo's version is absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this because I am going to rave about it and play it on repeat for the next two weeks.

  5. gini- how cool that you saw them live! sorry so many tall people were in front of you tough :( i always used to get annoyed by that too, when i went to shows a lot.

    katie- i already listened to it on repeat for about an hour and a half yesterday. so glad i could share my obsession :P


  6. Oh Oh Oh..and I looove the song by Band of Horses, in fact I love that band (I am a huge-ness sucker fo men with beards - yum)


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