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sunday songs ~ a trip to the moon

last night, we watched the movie hugo. the plotline revolved around the turn of the century filmmaker, george melies. i hadn't heard of him before, but the movie was beautiful. it made me want to find out more, so i looked him up.

i found out that one of his most famous works was a film called a trip to the moon. and it's really quite magical...

my friend zach mentioned that the video for "tonight, tonight" by the smashing pumpkins was inspired by this work. after viewing both, you can obviously see the influence.

what is it about this song and the dreamy visuals that make my heart ache in the absolute perfect way? such a lovely tribute to the original filmmaker.

sigh... don't you miss the 90's?




  1. I've seen parts of "a trip to the moon" before, but never the whole thing-it' so fun! and i love how the smashing pumpkins music video pays tribute, very magical and steampunk!

  2. Anonymous2/27/2012

    I did not know the connection! Cool!

  3. I miss the 90's so much. It was such a perfect time for everything.

  4. I used to loathe the Smashing Pumpkins. I liked a few songs, though, but couldn't stand Billy Corgan's voice. Then one day, right before I moved here, my best friend asked me to go to their concert with her and couldn't believe how great they sounded live. I can still remember feeling absolutely awed by their sound. Billy Corgan is too cocky, but I can't deny he's a great musician.


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