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towering above

i kind of really love my new vance boots from blowfish.

chantilly blowfish vance 2

chantilly blowfish vance 6

i wasn't sure about them. i've seen a whole lot of other bloggers look fabulous in them. before i lived in nyc, i used to love wearing heels. but i just can't do it anymore. i'm a fast-walker, and like to get to where i'm going in a hurry. heels often prevent me from doing that.

and if they turn out to be uncomfortable, lord have mercy...

there is NOTHING more miserable than walking around the city for an hour or more in uncomfortable shoes. i don't care how many episodes of sex in the city episodes you've watched saying otherwise. those ladies are fancy and take cabs everywhere. this girl walks.


chantilly blowfish vance 4

these shoes make me feel like a total sex bomb.

chantilly blowfish vance 5

also... i wore them out on valentine's day AND to a magazine launch party this weekend. survey says for nyc walking and comfortability.... not so bad! considering these babies are five inches high, i can speed along in them pretty decently. and as far as walking in them for an extended amount of time... surprisingly manageable!

so happy i took the chance :)

chantilly blowfish vance 7

chantilly blowfish vance 10

chantilly blowfish vance 9

< br />
cardigan- anthropologie
scarf- thrifted, ri
shirt- forever 21
necklace- etsy
skirt- thrifted, ri
tights- forever 21
socks- sock dreams
vance booties c/o blowfish shoes

chantilly blowfish vance 8



ps, we have a winner for the urban outfitter's giveaway! congratulations to the lively little miss (who also happens to have left me the cutest comment in giveaway history.) i'll be contacting you soon!

urban winner


  1. Wow, I would hit the ground if I wore shoes that high! You look great in them and lovely tights x

  2. Ooh! You look great! I love your outfit1 <3

    I loooooove my Vances! I can even run in them *swoons* I have the black leather pair, but I really want the grey felt pair for the spring. And I am bringing them on my trip, and - thanks to my friend William - I will not! be the tallest person in the room while wearing them. (That fact is a source of great excitement for me).

  3. valerie- i was *very* scared when first walking on them, but after i got the hang of it, it wasn't so bad :)

    katie- i noticed that the sizes were running out really quick, so you should grab 'em! (i think there's 20% off extra too!) i actually had to order a half size bigger than usual, but i was so desperate to have them, i didn't care :)

  4. I hate heals, no matter how pretty they look. Most of them are deceiving! Those shoes are rocking and I'm glad that you feel comfortable in them :)

  5. I think they look fantastic on you, I'm glad your comfortable in them.
    So lovely to pair them with these socks!

  6. I'm definitely impressed here! I'm known for primarily wearing heels b/c I am so darn short but once they get in the 4-5 inch territory, I cannot manage walking like a normal human being. Those are beauties and the fact that you can keep up at a city pace with them is pretty amazing!

    I love your little ankle socks peeking up out of the boots...You seriously have the best knack for accessorizing your already lovely outfits! Have a sweet week darling gal! xx Marisa

  7. Anonymous2/21/2012

    those are some cool boots =) your tights are super pretty as well =)

  8. Yes, definitely sexy shoes! Love them!

    Heels make any woman look more well presented and sexy; it's not just because of the shoes themselves, but the posture and the attitude. I was so used to wearing them all the time in the city! My soles were dead, probably, haha, so I could walk 20 blocks without feeling pain. Now, I'm living in a rural area so I rarely wear them. I did last week, though, for a funeral, and even though we didn't need to walk much, my feet burnt, grrr! Don't you ever, ever stop wearing heels, haha.


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