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vintage heaven

i've been meaning to post about this for awhile... but between lulu's and pete's, and everything else going on, this post sadly got put on the backburner!

as some of you might know, my parents recently opened a secondhand/ vintage furniture business. they get to do fun things like go to auctions, estate sales, and do "house hauls" to find their stock (meaning when someone passes away, they pay the house owner to come in and haul away whatever they don't want.)

they stumble onto some pretty cool stuff this way.

one day on a recent visit, i woke up to find about 20 vintage aprons on a pile on the floor. they kept a few to sell in their store, and the rest i got to take home!!

chantilly vintage aprons

some of them were in perfect condition, and others were damaged beyond repair. i'm going to use those as scrap fabric for crafts/ projects.

along with the aprons, there was a huge bag of the most adorable vintage hankies! i snagged about 15 of them. when you think about it, it's so wasteful to use tissues... can't wait to start using these :)

chantilly vintage hankies

at some point, i found a paper with the name of woman who died. the woman whose things i was going through. her name was hazel.

all of a sudden, it became different than say, a trip to the vintage store- an experience which removes you from the person who previously owned the items. everything in my hands now had a history.

i felt a twinge of guilt, but it also made me feel very connected to hazel. i was sad that she had to pass on. but i was also happy to be giving her special belongings, which were so much a part of her daily routines, a new life. they are going to be cherished and cared for all over again.

anyway, they also found this amazing purse in perfect condition. it's as if hazel bought it in the 1950's and never used it at all.

chantilly vintage purse

lastly, and perhaps best of all, they procured a bunch of vintage hats!! you can tell which ones she wore and loved frequently, and which ones were just for special occasions. i snagged the two beauties below (one of them seen in this post)

chantilly vintage hats

off subject a bit, but i also brought home some thrifted goodies from my trip... i found a few good shirts...

thrifted shirts

and this amazing velvet shirt/ dress/ thing. i was uninterested in it at first... but it's so unique, with its old-school rock star charm. like something stephen tyler would wear. plus when i got it home, i found $20 in the pocket! the thing paid for itself.

thirfted velvet

thanks everyone, for having a look through my finds with me :) have a beautiful day. xoxox



  1. Such a lovely connection to know the name of the previous owner. It makes you a custodian rather than an owner, I suppose.

  2. So much beauty with so much history. I've got to say my favorite of all the scores is definitely the hats.

  3. I'm so jealous! I wish my parents were that love all of it :)

  4. Those hats are amazing. End of story.

  5. Hey yo,
    thanks for stopping by my blog. So exciting to make new blog-friends!!
    And hey, we have more than broccoli soup in common as I have JUST started using vintage hankies as oposed to paper ones, now wiping my nose is like the funnest thing I do as I get to use a super cute hankie!

    Also, I have a lovely collection of vintage textiles that I am supposed to be cutting up to embroider on but can't bring myself too because they were once sombodys treasures :(

  6. beautiful pieces

  7. Heaven indeed! That's really awesome that you were able to find out a bit about the previous owner of all those pretty things. I bet she would giggle if she knew you were posting her aprons and hankies online for the world to see :)

  8. Those aprons and handkerchiefs are darling, getting vintage items that way makes it so much more personal then picking them up at a thrift store, I definitely agree.

    xo, Megan

  9. What amazing things! I love that their past owner has a name.

  10. totally loving all of those!! the fabrics are beautiful!

  11. Hi, Chantilly! How are you? It's been too long since my last visit!

    It must be so cool to be able to go through so much stuff! And whenever we get boxes of a deceased person at the library, I also feel kind of connected to the person. It's odd to get to know what topics he/she was interested in and sometimes even find photos or notes in the books.

    And, oh, my! 20 bucks in that coat? It was meant to be yours! :p

    Hope you're having a great week! :D

  12. That's probably what I love most about vintage treasures...that they have a story behind them. How sweet that you were able to discover Hazel. By her name alone, I'd imagined that she was quite a lovely lady. Everything pictured here is so charming...I bet she was too. That purse really is something special.

    Have a splendiful week darling!
    xx Marisa


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