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11 things

late to the partaay...

amy tagged me in the 11 things meme that's been all the rage lately. i had some free time to work on this last night, so here's mine!

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

chantilly 11 things

My 11 Random Things

1. like amy, i hated cats for as long as i could remember until i lived in brooklyn. i desperately wanted a pet, so we got max at a shelter. four cats later...

2. the name "chantillysongs" goes all the way back to the myspace days, when we were all creating our music pages. my friend kira named her url "kirasongs." i thought this sounded much cooler than "kiramusic" or whatever. so i copied her :)

3. in my lifetime, in order, i've had the following jobs:
chamber maid, coffee shop barista, furniture store cleaning woman, ice cream scooper, hotel front desk receptionist, retail sales associate, bank teller, racebook cashier, bartender, liquor store clerk, box office ticketer, waitress, flyer hander-outer, administrative assistant, professional temp, project coordinator, photographer, and music teacher. yes, i'm exhausted (and there are probably some i've missed.)

4. i'm learning the song "hold on" by wilson phillips right now for a student/ my friend and um... i'm loving it a little too much.

5. i used to hate radiohead on the sole premise that everyone else liked them (plus the song "there there" used to give me panic attacks.) now, they are my fave :)

6. ... speaking of panic attacks, i got my first one when i was 19, and i thought i was dying.

7. i'm horrible at running. but i did track in high school just to be social.

8. my second apartment in brooklyn was a complete crap-hole, but i loved it because it was mine.

9. i've always wanted to go on a cross-country road trip. most preferably in an rv.

10. one time, little richard was performing at the casino i worked at. it was halloween, and i was eighteen, so of course i showed up to work dressed up in a glittery, over-the-top gown. i was coming back from dinner, when he scooted past me with his security entourage and quipped "OOOOOHH, GIRRL you look so pretty!!!" i was glowing after that.

11. speaking of celebrities- even though i live in nyc, i cannot spot them to save my life. there was that time i thought i almost saw lindsay lohan... a guy i thought looked a lot like andre 3000 walking across the street in the most obscure part of midtown... john lithgow in herald square (but why the hell would he go there??) but that's about the extent of it.

Amy's Questions

1. What is your spirit animal?
probably a bird. since i am an air sign, i've always felt very connected with them. i used to have dreams about flying a LOT, and i think it would be such a cool perspective to have!

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
that time i told a guy i liked him, and he just nodded and walked away. then we had to work together for six months. super fun.

3. Would you rather have a tattoo of Patrick Swayze as a centaur or Chris Farley as a Chippendale's dancer?

patrick swayze all the way! the tattoo would have to be on my butt, though. luckily, i live upstairs from a tattoo parlor (coincidence??)

4. What is playing on your iPod right this instant?
i don't have my ipod on right now... but the last songs i played (please don't think is horribly vain) are the ones from my new ep! it was actually so that i could determine the mood/ tempo/ genre/ subgenres of the songs...

5. What is your dream place to live? If money and practicality weren't issues?
i've thought out this fantasy very elaborately over many years. i'd definitely have multiple homes and split my time between them. i'd love to have 1) a beach cottage in my hometown in ri, 2) an apartment in new york- probably williamsburg or park slope, and 3) a cute little house in austin- i fell in love with this city when i visited a few years ago.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

if you remember seeing my list of jobs up there, you can probably surmise that i'm fickle :) (but it's mostly because all those jobs sucked.) the good news is, i think i'm very close to figuring it out!! i really do love teaching music, and can see myself doing it for awhile. of course, i've always wanted to be a professional rock star. whatever i end up doing, i want it to be creatively fulfilling, make me feel productive, and leave me enough time for relaxation and "me" time.

7. If you could play any musical instrument, what would it be and why?

well, i already play guitar and sing. but if i had the luxury of picking up something completely new, i'd say cello. or maybe expand on my plucked-stringed-instrument skillz and take up the banjo. i tried to play it a few times before, but couldn't deal. it seems super complicated.

8. If you had to wear one last pair of shoes every day for the rest of your life, what pair would it be?
that would have to be my red oxoford easy spirits. i've bought these shoes at least three times already over maybe ten years. i just can't stop lovin' em.

9. If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and a piece of chocolate cake on the side.

10. Would you rather kiss a wookie or an ogre?


11. What is your favorite part about spring?
omg, EVERYTHING. but mostly that it feels exactly like the moment you take off those itchy tights you've been wearing all day long.

My tags and Questions

Miki, Amber, Jenna, Marisa, Caitlin, Katie :)

1. Where are you sitting, and what are you doing right now?
2. What's your favorite fruit? Least favorite?
3. Are you a dog or cat person?
4. Who's the last person you talked do, and what's the last thing you said?
5. Name your top five bands/ music artists.
6. Where did you grow up?
7. On your fantasy trip of the world, where would you go?
8. Describe your perfect day- from start to finish.
9. What's your least favorite smell?
10. Imagine your 2 most favorite foods are people, and describe the way they met.
11. Do you prefer to receive flowers or chocolate from a significant other?

wow, that was kinda long! but hopefully now, you know everything about me you've ever wanted to and more. have a wonderful wednesday everyone! xoxo



  1. I'm horrible at running & I really can't stand it! I played sports year round in high school just to be social too :) I'm also bad at spotting celebrities because they blend right in with regular people!

  2. We are soul sisters. I have some gold easy spirits that blow my mind. I need to blog those soon. Also, I've always wanted to play cello! I played violin for 11 years but always wished it was cello instead. You are amazing. Someday I shall visit you and we'll scout out andre 3000 and compliment him on his beautiful facial hair. :)

  3. Ahhh! Tagged again! I think I've been tagged 2 other times but I can't imagine people wanting to read my version of this post. I don't feel interesting enough! Plus I'm scared that I won't be able to come up with anything!!! (Except for the obvious fact that I love exclamation points) - BUT because you tagged me...I'm totally doing it. :)
    I'm slightly envious of all the jobs you've had. They are all so different! I've been a slave to the office job since I graduated high school! Though I did do some ice cream scooping myself :)
    Ugh...your embarrassing story...I swear we all have to have something similar. Boys suck. Sorry...longest comment ever.

  4. Oh man, #10 in the first section! That is the best! I would be over the moon about it and I don't really care about famous folks ordinarily. That's just a really special story. :)

  5. Interesting facts :) That's pretty amazing that There There scared you? That has always been one of my favorite songs! But I suppose it can be a little menacing with all the drums hehe. Those are quite a few jobs, that must mean you're good at quite a lot! x

  6. Hold up. HOLD. UP.

    Chamber maid? How many people can say with a straight face that they were a CHAMBER MAID? That's amazing.

    I have also had negatory attitudes against bands just because everyone liked them. Then I realized that a) this attitude was stupid and b) everyone liked them for a reason.

    I could go on and on about how your answers are awesome, but then I would be writing a blog post of my own in the comments section... and I'd hate to be THAT reader.

    Just know that you're the bomb.com!

  7. Hi, there! I'd seen this post yesterday, but wanted to come back later so I could read everything thoroughly. So much fun to learn these facts about you!

    You've had so many jobs! I've always wanted to be a hotel receptionist or work in an airport. There's something about the idea of seeing tourists that totally attracts me, hehe.

    Thanks for the tag! Chrissy has tagged me, too and I did this exact same thing a while ago. I'm sure I'll figure out the way to do it again, though.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  8. lisa- re: celebrities- exactly! plus honestly, i'm just never looking around. new york is a place where people are very involved in their own little universes...

    amy- i had a pair of gold ones too!! i had to eventually give 'em away though, because they were so narrow, i couldn't walk in them. please come to new york? can blowfish come out here for some fashion-related conference or something?

    jenna- puh-leeze don't be envious of all those jobs, omg. most of them sucked. re: the boy- admittedly, it was not the best circumstance i could've brought it up in, but oh well. it's over. no regrets :)

    sara- i felt pretty special when it happened :) it was surreal.

    valerie- there there is now one of my favorite songs too! i can't really say why, but the song used to scare me a lot... irrational fear, i guess.

    jas- ha, yeah :) guess it's just a fancy way of saying "hotel cleaning woman," but that was the official title.

    miki- the hotel reception job was kinda glam at first (especially since it was a 5-star hotel within a casino.) it got tedious real fast. then i started sleeping with a manager 10 years my senior, who was complete slime... yeah... lesson learned, and that was the end of that job :)

  9. you were a music teacher ey? we wanna hear you sing! :D
    I like your blog so I'm a follower now! hope we follow each other!! <3

  10. i'm a music teacher now!

    you can totally hear me sing: http://chantilly.bandcamp.com :)

  11. I absolutely loved reading these Chantilly! Number 7 hahaha....I did the exact same thing! But when it was time to run, I used to hide in the bathroom stalls from my coach b/c I was so bad at it. Thanks a million for the tag...I've been wanting to do one of these. I'm tied up with a wedding this whole weekend and my dads birthday, but once I arrive back on Wednesday, I will begin working on mine:)


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