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being campy

good morning monday, sweetrobins! today's outfit is pretty casual, but i'm in love with it...

chan outfit 6

chan outift 2

a few weeks ago, i made a decision. simply put... i need more vintage plaid shirts in my life. i scored this one recently at a little vintage shop for only $7! i was quite pleased with myself, and have been wearing it ever since.

chan outift 3

the jeans are from uniqlo, as are all my pants. did you know that they have free hemming at their stores? it's a miracle. anyway, i haven't bought new jeans in over a year, and desperately needed a new pair.

also wearing my favorite scarf... a regular on the blog :)

chan outfit 4

hat- thrifted, brooklyn
scarf- thrifted, ri
shirt- vice versa vintage, williamsburg
cardigan- thrifted, ri
jeans- uniqlo
sadiki flats c/o blowfish

chan outfit 1

so... i don't want to keep everyone in suspense about my audition on saturday: i didn't get a callback.

and surprise surprise... i actually cared. i don't really watch, or generally respect reality tv shows. so this was supposed to be all for fun, and a learning experience... but i left feeling disappointed and like a failure. i guess a cheesy rejection is still a rejection.

i do know that there were 6,000 people there that day. i know that at that point, it's really just an eliminating game, and they're looking for any reason at all to send you home.

i won't lie and say my audition went perfectly, and omgz how could they clearly not see taht i wuz tha best singar evar???? but i do think a lot of it boils down to the tastes of the judge that you happen to have been paired with. you could have everything they're looking for, and still not make it.

and that's showbiz, kids :)



  1. its ok. you know what they say, try and try until you succeed right? you look fabulous by the way :D
    following you! <3

  2. Sorry about your audition. Another opportunity will come along though, they always do :)

  3. Sorry about your audition, but there will be plenty more!
    I heard once that you need to be prepared to hear a thousand no's, because that one yes could change your life and make every single "no" worth it. :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE that top and it just makes your outfit a million times cuter! Sorry about the audition but it's only one no, you're a rock star, they are cray! Xo Lori

  5. Omg I love the plaid shirt! the colours are so cute! I'm a sucker for plaid :)

  6. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you did not get a call back :( You're right though, it likely had nothing to do with ability and everything to do with the judges tastes. LOVE those shoes by the way :)

  7. Sorry to hear you didn't get a callback, but there are other chances right?! Also, I think you look absolutely adorable. I love love that top, the colors are wonderful and that is a pretty awesome scarf, I can see why it's your favorite :)

  8. First and foremost, I love the last photo and the outfit. Secondly, you don't need to be in any reality TV show, you'll make it on your very own! ;D

    Tight hugs and have an awesome week!

  9. Ugh, being a musician must be kind of awful. It's like a job interview every time you want to book a gig. My skin is not that thick glad. You seem to be taking it well. You are still super talented even without the TV show.
    Also, love the plaid with this scarf. You should definitely work on adding more of that to your wardrobe :)

  10. Arg, well then they don't know what they're missing out on. Your talent will get you far with or without the are just that good!

    Loving this casual look lady! I need more vintage plaid as well and jeans too...I really don't have a suitable pair in my closet. The scarf, the hat....yes, I'm loving this as always:)

  11. i love all the color in your outfits!

  12. i love the color combo in the plaid shirt and yes it's casual, but also fun!


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