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doe a deer in headlights

greetings again :) sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. i needed some non-internet time.

anyway, matt got a new flash for the camera, and we did some experimenting...

chantilly modcloth 2
photos by matthew j. panton

chantilly modcloth 4

chantilly modcloth 5

do i feel slightly like i'm in an american apparel ad? or maybe a deer in headlights? perhaps. i think i like the aesthetic, but i just wish i was wearing something different. my outfit feels a bit too precious for this type of artsy, raw-looking photography. oh well. just tryin' some new things out :)

oh look, a rusty old key that i found on the ground!!

chantilly modcloth 6

dress- modcloth
sweater- anthropologie
necklace- anthropologie
hat- brooklyn industries
tights- ebay
shoes- urban outfitters

chantilly modcloth 7

chantilly modcloth


so on mondays, i don't have students. i usually use the time to plan posts for the week, answer and send emails, catch up on blog reading and commenting, and other internet activities. i can spend all day and all night doing this stuff... all day, every day (not just mondays.) i don't think i have to tell anyone how the black hole of the internet can suck you in...

instead of that- today i did yoga, then some life-planning and organizing over coffee. i really like this sort of time, because it gets me excited about projects, blogging, and working again!

sometimes i feel like i'm just drudging through it all, just because i "have to" for some reason. i like remembering that everything i'm doing now contributes lifelong dreams of mine- making a living on my own, completing musical projects, expressing myself in ways that i choose, and helping people achieve their own successes.

what's better than that?



  1. Love this photo shoot! The flash seems to be working perfectly fine ;) and the dress, awe! ;)

    I used to always try to leave Monday off, no classes, I mean, but I could never do it, haha. Monday is the best day not to work ;D.

    Have a great one!


  2. Um...I want that dress. It looks fantastic on you...the red is pretty fabulous.

    Getting away from the internet-world for a bit is always necessary I think. It's good to separate from it all.

    PS - I can't wait to see your album art!!!

  3. The look of these photos is so interesting.....I love them! They remind me of something you'd see in a magazine like Q...showcasing a band or artist:)

    There's that red looks darling on you! Thinking I need to pair mine up with a slouchy cute.

    I've been so busy lately as well. It's nice to have some time away from the net I agree. As weather warms up, I just want to be outside:)

    Hope you have a lovely week lady! xx Marisa

  4. I LIKE your style! I also love wearing red dresses, red tops, red shoes, red red red! :D

  5. The pictures turned out lovely. Aren't days off great? I'm pretty sure I could not work every day:)

  6. This dress looks so adorable on you! Love the beaded cardi and those T-strap heels!!

    x Aliya

  7. thank you for the encouragement, miki! and yes, monday was a great day to have off :)

    jenna- this dress actually reminded me a lot of your blue one that i borrowed! only that one had sleeves and was blue. can't wait to show the art to you!

    marisa- i'm so glad you like them :) i think they certainly are different than the standard "blogger" photo, but that could be a good thing.

    tan- thank you! blue/ green are usually my colors, but i couldn't pass up this dress.

    thank you aliya!


  8. Dress & shoes = LOVE!
    You are too cute.

    I'm jealous of your hair, too..I'm trying to grow mine out and it is killing me!


  9. hi Chanti ,cute short name i give for you hihihi ..
    cute dress ,you looks like sweet Red Velvet cupcakes . awesome :)



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