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in the red

yesterday was so beautiful! red tights outfit 2

remember how i complained about st. patrick's day on friday?

well i did end up going out. i danced with friends, saw the inside of too many bars, and had a nice, blurry time of it all. unfortunately, i was still suffering from my jameson-filled night when i woke up sunday morning...

but fortunately, my chipper friend jessica persuaded us to come out for brunch. she's leaving for los angeles in two weeks to do bikram yoga teacher training! we're trying to get in lots of hanging-out time. (and have a tea-and-crafts date planned for this week!)

red tights outfit 6

red tights 9

glasses- c/o glasses usa
scarf- thrifted
shirt- urban outfitters
dress- thrifted
tights- ebay
shoes- swedish hasbeens for h&m

what were you up to this weekend?



  1. That little over shirt is ADORABLE! I loved that you paired it with the dress it gives it such a sassy feel. You look so darn cute!!

  2. I like the random "tarot" graffiti in the background, and I LOVE your tights! :D

    -Barb the French Bean

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  4. I love the purple backdrop & your outfit is so adorable, LOVE the red tights and your cute shoes :]

  5. Seriously, this outfit is effing incredible!!! Totally a combo I wouldn't have thought of and it looks absolutely adorable! XO Lori

  6. wonderful outfits

  7. Awe, you girls look too cute and beautiful! ;) Make the most of your time together and have a blast!

    Happy Monday! ;D

  8. Aww, you look adorable here! I love all the colors. I never would have guessed you had a rough night before... ;)

  9. This sounds like a great weekend! We ended up letting some friends talk us into going out. It ended up being a total bust but at least we tried.
    Love the red tights & the scarf.

  10. Anonymous3/19/2012

    I like this outfit! The tights and scarf are super cute :)


  11. Oh I love your outfit, your glasses are perfection!! I went and visited my sister which was lovely.

  12. Love your outfit, i'm really low in confidence at the moment but i might take some inspiration from you :)

    LOVE THE RED! :)


  13. Now that's the way to do St. Patrick's! Mine was pretty low key...spent at home with the hubs doing wine and a movie.

    I love these photos Chantilly! Seriously, could you two be any more adorable?! I love the bright colors and the silhouette of your outfit and those shoes with the red tights!

    Enjoy your time together:) xx Marisa

  14. adorable, adorable photos :)



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