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it's good to have friends

after standing in line all day in the cold on saturday, i kind of just wanted to go home and hide in bed. but i had a social engagement to attend. i wanted to just skip it, but was told by some friends i hadn't seen in awhile that i needed to be there... so i did the next best thing...

i went to the party. had some tacos. and hid under the covers with my friend maeve.

chan maeve

chan maeve 2

it's nice to have someone to hide under the covers with :)



  1. I love the pictures, so cute!
    I never regret going out to see my friends, even if I don't feel like it at first.

  2. I am soo happy to have stumbled across this blog.. It's soo awesome! So friendly and warm.. I will be an avid reader! I would be honoured if you could check out my Etsy...

  3. Awe, so true! And these photos are adorable!

    Here's to friends! ;)

  4. So cute! Friends are the best. <3

  5. Aw, these photos are so cozy and adorable! How cute are you two:) I love how girlfriends always have the power to lift spirits.

  6. Awww. This is cute. I recently moved so this is something I really miss... hanging with a friend you trust, love, and feel super comfortable with.



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