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painted jars diy

i came across these jars via pinterest (i think.) it's not in english, but i got the gist through the pictures. it made me want some cute painted jars of my own, so i did it...

paint jars 5

paint brush
mason jar(s)

i used acrylic paint from michaels- only 59 cents each and so worth it! about $3 worth of paint = countless happy days, planning a dozen other painting projects reeling through my mind.

anyway, they didn't have a lighter aqua, so i just got turquoise and mixed it in with white...

paint jars 1

paint jars 2

then i just took my little paintbrush, and painted the inside of the mason jar. i did two coats, because otherwise you can see the brush strokes if you tilt it towards the light...

paint jars 3

i let it dry, and bam... new cute pen holders for me!

you can even go wild and do designs and stuff. i tried to make a heart in the yellow jar, but it didn't really work out. i messed up too many times and ended up going with the solid color. either way, i'm happy.

paint jars 4
(ps, the balloon postcard in the background is from the little illustrator.)



  1. Oooh so pretty! I like to two colors you chose. If I ever get my paws on some mason jars I'll have to give it a go. I could use a spruce up of my pen holder on my desk!

  2. That looks like fun. And they look cute.

  3. Super lovely! I like both of the colors too. I need to do more crafts! x

  4. Neat! I like the colors you chose ;). I have quite a big stash of acrylic paints that we couldn't use for a project we had. I had no idea it stuck on glass! :p Maybe I'll put this into practice ;).

    Happy midweek, Chantilly! :D

  5. So cute!! I'm going to try this right now!


  6. love this. color choice is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. love this! i think maybe i will give this a try this weekend!

  8. So cute!!! I so just need to buy a case of mason jars for all the pinterest ideas I've loved for them!!! XO Lori

  9. What a great idea!! I have so many mason jars and next time I need a pencil holder I will just color one of my jars and bam!! I will have a new pencil holder.


  10. I did this over the winter break with these fancy french lemonade bottles! So fun! Great minds think alike~*

  11. Aww this is such a cute idea and so easy to make! I love the colours! :)

  12. Oh cool! I actually couldn't even tell they were mason jars at first. I initially thought they were pottery. I used to go to this pottery place call Color Me Mine and paint stuff that looks like this all the time...for a much more expensive price though. This is so worth trying. The colors are adorable!

  13. These are cute and I'm diggin' the colors you chose. I might use this for knitting needle storage...

  14. These are cute! I love the colors you picked out.

  15. Sooo pretty! And you've chosen my two very favourite colours at the moment!

  16. Anonymous11/04/2012

    I love quick and easy projects like this that add a pop of color to my home. I'm so doing this! Thanks!!

  17. These are beautiful and must smoother looking that the jars I mod podged. Glad to have found you and am now following your lovely platform. All the best -Monica

  18. Thank you for this idea - we keep our sauce jars and so forth so I now need to go painting!


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