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the teeniest cupcake i ever did see...

in the cutest, most unicorn-filled parts of your dreams, have you ever conceived of tiny little cupcakes the size of a quarter?

well they exist in new york. EVERYTHING exists here, apparently...

i was near grand central the other day, when i passed by a store that made me back it up: a tiny cupcake bakery.

tiny cupcakes 2

check out that menu... how could you not go inside?

while deciding what i wanted, i talked to the cashiers about the other tiny cupcakes i had seen recently at the lulu's event. i wondered aloud if they were related. i described them, and they exclaimed "yes! those are our betsey johnson cupcakes." ... did you hear that? there is such thing as tiny betsey johnson cupcakes!! and i ate one!

anyway, i got a peanut butter, cookie dough, and red velvet.

i'm sorry about this sad overexposed photo, which doesn't come close to displaying these cupcakes' majesty, but i could barely be bothered to take a better one. see, after a long train ride home with these things burning a hole in my pocket... they weren't getting in my mouth fast enough. and that needed to not be.

tiny cupcakes

have you ever seen/ made a cupcake this small?



  1. i couldn't bear such tiny cupcakes! I loove the suuper big ones. i am a greedy cupcake eater, haha. nice post.

  2. they sound so yummy! i would need to eat every single kind to make up for them being so small though. i love cupcakes!

  3. I've never seen such a brilliant and delicious! Can I go with you??? Hehe. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to live in NYC. I love that you can try several different flavors without feeling guilty!

    You really have the cutest most intriguing little posts Chantilly!

  4. Don't you just love these itty bitty cupcakes! Not only are they cute but they are oh so delicious! :)

    I love them and the thing that kills me is that they recently opened one three blocks away from my house a few months back and my munchkin always convinces me to get some afterschool! :)

    I LOVE New York!

  5. that's a cupcake i wouldn't feel guilty eating!! maybe even 2!

  6. Seriously, I want to go to there!!! I could eat a dozen of these little suckers. I wonder if they have mini-cupcake places out here in San Francisco?


  7. I saw a photo of a place which sells them (in a magazine) yesterday! I think it was located in NY, so it's probably this one. SO cute! :P

    Happy Thursday, sweet Chantilly!

  8. SO CUTE! I love tiny cupcakes over larger ones, makes me feel adorable ;) xx

  9. I have never seen a cupcake so ittle bitty! But so cute. Although I would need about 50+ to satisfy me.

  10. I like this because I could eat 10 and not feel as guilty by telling myself their tiny.

  11. Aww first of all they look so cuuuute! I think actually it's a great idea because you can try different tastes without having to worry too much about your love-handles. So these mini cupcakes would be perfect for me :D
    What a bummer we don't have such nice things here.

  12. Baked By Melissa is SOOO good. The best cupcake that I've ever had in the world was their 'Pancakes & Syrup' cupcake. It seriously tasted like breakfast!
    It's a little sad that they're so small though because you pop them in your mouth and then they're gone in an instant.


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