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those crazy cats

nothing much to say today.... so i thought i'd share some recent pictures of my darling girls :)

when thelonious wants us to play with the string with her, she makes this horrible sound like she's dying. and she makes this face.

theloni string

mrs. alice- chillin.

mrs. alice

scout- maxin relaxin. (i love this cozy-happy face she makes!)


hope everyone is having a lovely thursday :) xx



  1. Awe, I love kitty pics! Thelonious is so adorable, hahaha!

    Are they indoor cats? Do you ever let them out?

    Hope you're having a great day! ;D

  2. They are all so sweet! My cat Erlend is a mix between the feisty one at the top, and the sleepy one on the bottom haha! My other cat is just too rambunctious to even photograph. Gotta love cats x

  3. It may go without saying...but the speed in which I clicked on this to read...was pretty ninja-like.
    Yay cats!! :)
    I LOVE Scouts face...and thelonious is such a pushy little lion :p So cute!

  4. Ha, that first face might make me steer clear rather than grabbing for the string. They are all so adorable and it's fun to see their different personalities displayed.


  5. So cute!!! These photos are adorable. They all seem like such charming cats ;)

  6. Oh you melt my heart a bit here with all your kittytastic photos. What dolls! Scout reminds me of my Lily. I love these faces...aren't cats just the best?!

  7. Anonymous3/22/2012

    I love the way that you edit your pictures. They look so unique and antique looking! And I absolutely love a good post about cats. :)

  8. Such adorable kitties!! <3

  9. miki- yep, they're indoor cats. mrs. alice used to be feral, though. we can't let them out in the city- they'd probably never come back!

    valerie- they all have such great personalities :)

    sara- it's funny because she looks so fierce in that picture, but she's really not. she's just being a little diva "waahhh! play with my string now!!"

    limbic- thank you! i actually feel like the way i adjust my photos toootally isn't unique, and some people find it too "instagram-y." but what can i say. i'm a big fan of the vintage-y vibe.

    thank you everyone for your comments!! scout, mrs. alice, and thelonious (and max, who is missing here) all thank you too. xo


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