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you're so vain

i was feeling especially girly the other day. i had just dusted off my vanity and was admiring it's gratuitous prettiness, when it occurred to me to start taking pictures.

so then i thought. "hey, this could be a great blog post. i'm gonna show everyone how i get ready to face the world every morning." and so it began...


my lovely vanity is from the 1920's. it was a birthday present from matt a few years ago. my makeup setup before then was sad in comparison... a teensy side table and a train case. i feel so lucky to have this now!

vanity 2

lately i usually have a candle burning, even in the daytime hours. tj maxx is where i've been finding a bevy of yankee candles for cheap! i know they're a little cheese-sauce, but they smell nice and last a long time :)

vanity 3

here's my mirror tray- i thrifted it for $1! i keep here bobby pins, some everyday items, and pretty trinkets that i like to look at. the gold makeup case is from a brand called besame. both the packaging and the formulas of this brand are supposed to be reproductions of 1940's-era cosmetics!

vanity 4

more on besame... here are some lipsticks from them, in 40's-style bullet cases. i keep them in an empty candle jar that i once got from anthropologie. unfortunately i almost never use these anymore... but they sure are pretty to look at.

vanity 5

here, we have my makeup brushes, eyeliner, mascara, and lip liners that i never use.

and... a sampling of products stashed in my drawers :) i'm kind of a blush and lipstick hoarder, so those items are prominent, even though i've gotten rid of A LOT of stuff over the years...

vanity 6

(left to right)
~ wet 'n wild blush. best kept secret. $3 and it wears all day. the color "heather silk" is beautiful.
~ nars blush. i have two of these, and honestly i barely use them. but i keep them around because every girl needs a nars blush.
~ nyx cream blush. nyx is probably my favorite makeup brand ever. amazing and CHEAP. i can't live without their concealer for my under-eye circles.
~ mac mineralize skinfinish. these were all the rage a few years ago, and i'm still fond of this one- called stereo rose.
~ mac pigment sample. these are usually free if you just go up to your local mac counter and ask for a sample. good backup highlighter, and it lasts forever.
~ mac lipstick in russian red. if you own one red lipstick in your lifetime, this should be it.
~ lipstick queen lipsticks. my favorite brand of lipstick! super pigmented, and so smooth you forget you're wearing them. i wear rose sinner and saint natural regularly.
~ perfume samples from garden botanika. i can't help it. this is the only perfume i actually like.
~ some random glosses. i think they're nyx and besame. gloss used to be my thang, but it's sadly taken the backseat to my lipstick queen lipsticks.

all this and......

it usually takes me about 5 minutes to put on my makeup. i usually use the same products and do the same routine: brow highlighter, brow grooming, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, done. i've only been recently doing a little highlighting eyeshadow on my lids.

i hope you enjoyed taking a little peek, though!

do you wear makeup? what items are your favorites?




  1. This was hands down one of my fave posts. Besides your outfit posts :) I because I'm slightly obsessed about clothing/make up. Your vanity is gorgeous as is every little thing you have on it. Those lamps are adorable! My vanity doesn't fit in my master bathroom so it's stuck in the spare bathroom and I never use it:(
    I'm living vicariously through you!

  2. What a great post! Loved it! So many treasures there! That vanity was an awesome present ;). Kudos to Matt!

    Have a great day ;P.

  3. What a great little spot!

    I love that mirror that you have on lying on top of the vanity!

    Wonderful work and photos.


  4. Your dressing table is charming! I never go out without makeup, I don't spend long on mine either though :) Just foundation, blush and mascara!

  5. What a lovely vanity!

    I am a makeup queen. I love, love, love experimenting with it, and I absolutely adore going the whole nine yards on my eyes and lips. Eye primer, usually 2-3 eyeshadows, eyeliner, curl my lashes, mascara, and then a sparkly top coat! It takes me a *bit* longer than five minutes to do, but it's sorta my "me" time. I put my music on and just relax and have fun. :)

    You have definitely inspired me to do a post on my favorite products. I will do that soon. :) Thanks.

  6. What a beautiful vanity! Even though I have a two bedroom apartment, I still don't have room for a vanity :( I like your vintage pieces and all those lipsticks! I'm so minimal, that you'd only see one lipstick in my makeup bag haha. I don't wear make-up at home, but when I'm out I wear Chanel mat lumiere, the best foundation ever! I tend to be a bit more interested in facial cleansers and lotions than anything else hehe x

  7. Eeeekkk!! I LOVE your vanity1 It is perfect and oh so cute! But omg! I have to say that i love everything else you have there. I love your lipsticks stashes in the 40's style bullet cases! Where did you get those?

    I loved reading your tips on makeup, I really want to learn how to use it! Ha! Yeah, I have some blush and mascara and lipstick but i rarely use it. I'm always running out and never seem to have time :)

    I want to learn how to do the cat eye or smokey eye look :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment and good vibes!


  8. I'm so jealous. I'm DYING for a vanity. Dying for one. Instead, I should be practical and buy a desk. Sigh.

    I cannot believe you haven't been to the Brooklyn Flea! Change that. You'll find great stuff for your vanity.

  9. Your vanity is gorgeous! A vanity has always been on my dream list of furniture, but then I might spend too much time getting ready. Your nail polish collection is amazing, too [so many Essie colours!].

  10. Oh wow, those photos are soo kool and rather glamourous!

  11. That's such a cute vanity. I've been trying to find one for ages, with no luck, but I still have hope :) I also really like the case you have your lipsticks in, great idea to keep the clutter down!

    Little Lady Little City

  12. oh i want a vanity!

  13. Your room is like that fancy vintage shop I always want to go into and buy everything. It's like your life is bursting with trinketry and lovely things :)

  14. thank you jenna!! those lamps used to belong to my parents- not even vintage or anything! i luckily snagged them one time when they were moving and looking to get rid of stuff.

    cosmia- when you've got a routine, why deviate? :P

    katie- that is so cool! i used to get experimental with my makeup too. green and blue eyeshadow... crazy colors! those days are gone though, and now the zaniest i get is with a nice, bold lip color :P

    valerie- facial cleansers huh? i need a better one. anything you can recommend?

    karina- the lipsticks in bullet cases are from a brand called besame. i think their site is all vintage reproduction makeup! i snagged so many lipsticks because they had a sale once where all their products were $6 each.

    desiree- brooklyn flea bound!

    thanks girlsss you're all amazing. <3

  15. What a pretty area to get ready, that vanity is awesome! I just have a boring ol' bathroom. All your makeup looks so lovely and special the way you have it stored! I never really learned much about makeup and feel like my routine is kinda blah. Especially after seeing this lovely set-up :)

  16. it may sound silly but i want you to send me those MAC blushes, they are so fab


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