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beer street

hello, hello!

some of you were asking about the "beer street" bottle in one of my posts last week. what if i told you that beer street is a real and tangible place, not just in your imagination??

beer street 1
beer  street 3

it's a shop where you can get fresh beer straight out of the tap to take home!

the deal is, you put down a deposit for a glass bottle to keep. then you can come back and fill it with any of these cool beers and micro brews. you get a fresher-tasting drink that way, and it's how they did it in the old days, before the mass-production of beer. good enough for the old days, good enough for me, that's what i say!

i'm not a beer snob, by any means... but i do think this is a cool idea.

beer street 4

the taps

beer street 5

beer street 2



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sunday songs ~ cat martino

i haven't had a sunday songs post in awhile :) just wanted to pop by & talk music for a sec...

a few weeks ago, i went to union pool with a friend to see a show. i saw cat martino perform, and thought she was just the coolest. she uses one of those loop pedals live onstage to build up her songs. let me just say, i'm always enamored and kinda jealous of people who can do this. it's a skill i always wanted to learn, but never got around to.

ALSO. she plays and tours with sufjan stevens. they worked on this song together recently:

my girl crush meter just went up like, a bajillion percent.

i also talked to her after her set, and she's a total sweetheart. which also helps in the girl crush department ;)

have a lovely day :)



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let them eat cake

happy thursday kids!

how's your day going?

i woke up yesterday with that sniffly/ sneezy/ weak feeling... i'm totes getting sick :( i always feel like it's my body's way of telling me i need a break. so i intend on taking my insides very seriously, and practicing some exquisite lounging this weekend, as well as downing the komboucha (my secret cold rememdy :P)

... anyway, i recently got around to making the baked goods that are all the rage these days... cake pops!

don't they look purty?

cake balls 1

i didn't invest in sticks, so mine are more like cake balls.

you might remember that i'm trying to not eat sugar, so these were actually made a few weeks ago. they were lemon/ vanilla, and dangerously delicious if you were to believe my friend jeff.

unfortunately i ate half the candy melts by themselves, so i had to leave some of the cake balls naked. and those ones just eventually got thrown out. poor naked cake balls... no one around to love them.

i went by elsie's recipe, but there are other ones out there if you look around.

cake balls 3

i highly recommend.




i don't know if you can still call it brunch at 4:45 in the afternoon, but who the heck cares! i can never resist the promise of eggs, coffee, and (sometimes) a good stiff drink on the weekends. i just feel like it's more fun to be day-tipsy than night-tipsy. what of it? :P

this particular sunday, it was raining and late in the day. so we practically had the place to ourselves.



i've been trying not to eat sugar... so it was kind of punishing to order french toast and not allow myself to put maple syrup on it. i have no idea what i was thinking. i eventually just said "screw it- it's the weekend" and lightly drizzled on one piece of toast. the most glorious three minutes of eating, ever.

french toast





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lucky flowers

good afternoon :)

i tried to take some quick outfit photos by myself this morning, but they came out hella blurry. i couldn't get it to work on auto focus OR manual focus. i think there's something wrong with the camera/ lens, and ordered a part recently to get fixed.

i'm bummed, because i was kinda pumped to show you guys this cool pattern mixing i did with the shirt and cardi!

oh wells. maybe these will just be my "artsy" photos... yeah...

lucky green 6
lucky green 1
lucky green 4

cardigan- urban outfitters
shirt- vintage
brooch- gifted
scarf- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
shoes- thrifted easy spirits

it's rainy and cold here today. i missed my yoga class earlier, and am debating if i want to go to another one, or go out and do some work. i watched my beloved game of thrones last night, and it mega freaked me out... i may need the yoga to calm myself. woke up this morning with the tickler still on my mind...

lucky green 5

hope everyone had a great weekend :))


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life in progress

ever since i posted the "coffee talk" where i vented my frustrations with the blogging world, i've been thinking a lot about the types of things i want to share here. i realized that not only do i want to start being more honest in my posts, but that i also miss posting snapshots of my life and little excursions. i don't know how or why i stopped doing this!

the whole intention when i started to blog more often was to remind myself that i do, in fact live a fun, creative life.

the whole intention of documenting the things i wore was to remind myself that i am, in fact a cute, creative woman.

my perception gets messed up sometimes, and i forget these things... i think i'm just wasting away into oblivion, but the photos prove otherwise. aside from the pressure i feel at times, blogging has been a wonderful reminder that i don't need to change anything about myself, or the way i live my life. i'm fine the way i am.

so i want to try and get back to being a true lifestyle blog... which also serves to support my musical endeavors :)

so... here i am, cooking some corn...


having a pair of feet...


cultivating a mild obsession with candles. a nice, warm (NON-PERFUMY) scent around the apartment makes everything ten times more cozy. sometimes, this makes me feel like i'm turning into a creepy, candle-collecting relic of suburbia, but oh well...



matt 2

we had some friends over on saturday for fajitas and a movie! we watched shame. sadly, it too serious for our frisky friends... who were mostly interested in doing shots, and making silly commentary focusing mainly around the gratuitous, ahem, nudity (etc.)


just living life.
just taking things one step at a time.
just trying to be kind to myself.

chan 2
chan 3


friends, be sure to listen to my new songs on bandcamp!! ♥♥

shepherd's pie

shephard's pie 3

coming out of cd-celebrating mode for story time and a recipe!

a friend of mine recently went l.a. bound- going out to receive training in order to become a certified bikram yoga teacher! she came over to have a last supper, seeing as she'll be gone for three months.

because we both are horrible planners, we were gonna wing it. and when she got here, we had some trouble deciding what to make. eventually settling on shepherd's pie, we set out to the store for ingredients :)

i'm not the biggest fan of mashed potatoes, but do enjoy it with the combination of pie crust, corn, and hamburger! give this yummy recipe a whirl, and you'll see what i mean...

shephard's pie 1

~ 2 lb russet potatoes
~ 1 pound lean ground beef
~ 1/4 tsp ground allspice
~ salt & pepper
~ 1/4 cup watter
~ 2c fresh or frozen corn kernels
~ pinch sugar
~ 2/3 c milk
~ 1/2 c heavy whipping cream
~ 1 pie crust (or two small ones)

~ boil and peel potatoes; mash them until they are completely smooth, adding the milk and cream, and adding salt and pepper to taste
~ preheat oven to 350
~ mix beef and allspice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl by hand; then brown meat in a skillet over medium-high heat
~ defrost corn (if frozen) and toss with a pinch each of sugar and salt.
~ layer beef, corn, and potatoes in your pie crust
~ bake 30-40 minutes, or until top of the potatoes are slightly browned.

shephard's pie 2



Thanks for coming

uttm blog party header

chantilly party 7
chantilly party 10


well- that was a long (but fun) day :))

seriously, i can't even believe i got all these crazy talented women to conspire to help launch my release. i must be the luckiest girl in the world or something! everyone's posts were so creative, i just want to give a *big* round of hugs to today's guest posters!! each and every one of you ladiez rock my world.

i also want to give an enormous shoutout to my AWESOME KICKSTARTER BACKERS, who obviously helped out so much, i can't even believe.

also the musicians who contributed their time and talents. plus someone i really, really couldn't have done it without- saul.

again, i really hope everyone had fun today, and we helped put smiles on some people's faces. if evidenced by everything you've seen and read, the conclusion i hope you draw is that making dreams come true is so totally possible.

sure, it may not look exactly how you pictured it.

perhaps you wanted to sell your painting for $10,000 instead of $100. the handmade business isn't picking up as fast as you'd like. you thought you'd move to new york city and find success right away, but instead you've been a broke "artist" for five years (twiddles thumbs...) maybe you thought you'd have this rather than that. etc., etc.

things will never, ever turn out the way you thought. that's just reality.

but it's my true belief that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way have it. it might come at a great cost, and take a long time. it probably won't be easy (if you're one of the lucky ones, maybe it might!) i also think it's okay to give up on dreams that you might feel are weighing you down...

but it's my feeling that i'd rather try something than regret never having done it. frankly, sometimes this philosophy can lead me into some miserable situations. lol! but i have no regret on my conscience, and feel proud to have lived my life this way (for the most part...)

even though i'm not "where i want to be" yet (sometimes, i don't even know where that is), i am forever climbing. forever seeking. trying to enjoy the journey.

chantilly party 2

so again, head on over to bandcamp and pick up a cd if you feel moved to.

since it was such a a hefty day, i'll probably take tomorrow off. but i'll definitely see you again this week.

thanks for sticking around :)) xxoxo


SusannahBean Dreams

uttm blog party header

Hi there! My name is Susannah and I blog over at susannahbean.com, where I share little snippets of my daily life. When Chantilly asked me to be a part of her party, I was so flattered, but then I instantly got nervous! Here she is, accomplishing something amazing, and I haven't quite gotten that far in my life. After battling some nerves and false starts, I decided I wanted to share a little of my story with you.

Susannahbean Chantillysongs

I'm a perpetual thinker... I make plans and lists and have lofty dreams about my future, but I'm not a sit-down-and-make-it-happen kinda gal. I will always make a to-do list, and I will always forget to use it. I have dozens of crazy ideas about what I could do with my life, but I haven't made too many steps towards making them a reality. I'm not quite sure why, bet it's partly out of fear of failure and of risk, but I think a lot of it is due to the fact that I just truly can't narrow down my list of ideas into something more manageable.

Susannahbean Chantillysongs

I'm (almost) 26 years old, and I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up. I have lots of things that sound totally rad, but I'm not sold on anything yet. I haven't found my "calling". I think it's amazing when someone just *knows* what they're meant to do, or that they have to pursue a certain field or career. And I think it's sort of ingrained in us, I mean we're supposed to pick a career in our early 20s that's supposed to last a lifetime! Sheesh, that's too much pressure for me. So instead, I make little goals while I take time to figure out the big ones.

Susannahbean Chantillysongs

I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I do know what I want to do this week, or next month, or a year from now. At least part of it! I know I want my blog and shop to grow, but I don't know how big. I know at some point I want to get married and have babies, but who knows when that'll happen! I'd love to have a career I'm passionate about, but I couldn't even muster a guess as to what it'd be like. I've made peace with the fact that I won't have everything planned and figured out all the time, and I've learned to appreciate the little accomplishments in life. There will be big accomplishments in time :)

I'm so happy for Chantilly and her big accomplishment, and all the little ones that led up to it!


Chantillysongs Giveaway~

this was a last-minute decision... as the party hostess, i've decided to host a little giveaway of my own :) what's up for grabs:

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then, once you fulfill your mandadory entry you may also do... bonus entries!

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please leave a comment for *each* bonus entry.

the giveaway is open internationally and ends on Tuesday, April 24th at midnight EST. the winner will be picked at random and announced a few days later.

good luck, and thank you for powering through the day with me!

two more posts left :)))



Selective Potential ~ Circle Maybe

uttm blog party header

Hi there, Chantilly Songs readers! I'm so excited to be guest posting for such a fun event! Being a singer/songwriter can be such an amazing experience and I'm so happy to have something in common with Chantilly! While I'm always busy working full-time and blogging over at Selective Potential, I always make time for my band - Circle Maybe. I play guitar and sing with three of my best friends (one of them being my husband!). We're a punk-pop band that plays out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


I can't really imagine myself not ever playing music. I started when I was young playing acoustic guitar and playing at local coffee shops. When I had the opportunity to play in a band with three of the people I love most in the world, who would pass up the chance? It's so much fun and we get to do what we love and do it together. We practice about once a week and play maybe two shows a month around Michigan. You can listen to our EP over at our Bandcamp, if you're interested!


Congrats to Chantilly on the release of her EP! I know the feeling - it's crazy exhilarating! I really enjoy Chantilly's music and her voice is so enchanting! Plus, I don't get many chances to talk about Circle Maybe, so this was a lot of fun to guest post for her in celebration of the event! Be sure to check out her music + support!


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