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Alyson Greenfield ~ Thoughts on Collaboration

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I'm so excited to be a part of this release party for Chantilly and her new album! I think it's such a neat idea to have different people get together to "party" and celebrate in this way! I love the freedom that Chantilly gave us all as guest blogging attendees of the party and I'm really glad she allowed me to have a forum to discuss such a recent and powerful artistic discovery. Thanks Chantilly and congratulations!!

Lately I have been astounded by collaboration. By how it can bring people together to push and expand an original artistic idea into a whole new world. That's what I have always loved about art that has moved me-- how it literally takes me to a new world before I even know it. It doesn't matter if it is a song, a painting, a dance performance, a play, a poem, or an installation-- when I see it/hear it/read it I am there-- I have been transported to that alternate realm. I find these experiences to be magnificent surprises in life. Recently through my collaborations with many amazing people, I have found that active collaboration can help lead to that artistic "other world."

All Photos by Jasmina Tomic

The most recent collaborative experience I had that blew my mind was making a music video for my song "Uncharted Places" (the next single I will release). This song is literally about pushing yourself to new worlds and the treatment the director wrote took the song into more worlds than I had even imagined. I was so lucky to work with a team of enthusiastic collaborators (cinemetographers, grips, gaffers, costume designers, production assistants, producers, make-up and hair artists) who lent their incredible artistic/technical skills and "team player" attitudes to the project. We happened to be making a music video, but I felt like we were truly coming together to collaboratively make art.


I find it so heartening to find community in this way. I am a solo artist, but I write and perform songs in order to connect to people. In this collaborative process we were all connecting to push our imaginations and create something new that none of us alone could have made come to life. During parts of the process I found myself feeling like it wasn't real. I've always dreamed of art being something bigger and more expansive than what I had produced before, and by collaborating in this way I felt like I was able to step into that world, or at least find pieces of it.

Below I have included a behind the scenes video that shows some of the collaborative process (including lots of hijinks) and gives glimpses into the world we were creating.

Alyson Greenfield


  1. What an interesting artists! I'm curious to see the video now!

  2. she's an amazing artist and an amazing person! she lives down the street & we go to yoga together :) check out her youtube channel, she has other great videos!


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