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Ashley Brooke Toussant ~ Sweetheart

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So excited to be a part of Chantilly's CD release:) What a super kind and cool person and way talented musician. I randomly found Chantilly's kickstarter story on a blog and quickly became a fan. So happy and thankful to have become Internet pals. I'm hoping we'll play a show together sometime in NYC or Ohio and we're planning on attending SXSW next year with Kelsie of with Lavender and Lace. Cheers to her wonderful new EP being properly funded, made and released in such a fancy way!!! Congrats, Chantilly!

A little about myself...
I have always loved to sing. I grew up in a house of people who also loved to sing. My Mom always sang to us. My Dad too. My two older sisters and I would listen to My Mom's old 45's. We would be the Supremes, the Ronettes, the Shirelles...Whitney Houston. Disney movies helped me conjure up this dreamsicle future of being the singing voice of Disney I grew it turned into being Celine Dion (something I am not all well..braggy about but I accept my past a lot better now. ha)

Kent State Folk Festival

It's always been singing above everything. I sang in school, church choir helped me embrace my softer style and an eventual stumbling onto an Eva Cassidy record that made me want to delve into this newfound beauty (that took Celine Dion's place :)) this new sound. This little genre that seemed to be much more comfortable for me.

Music has always been the backbone of my life. Other events ( I have held a barista day job at Starbucks for the past 5.5 years) may have filtered in the foreground but music has and I hope will always be looming and have many more moments in the center.

Sweetheart album cover

I'm quitting my day job this month and putting a stronger focus on music (going to work at a local health food store for just a few hours a week to help pay bills though:)). Hope to be playing more, traveling more. I am so excited!!! and hoping for a strong development and lots of adventures..and I'm getting married April 21st..on my 28th Birthday.

Last September I released my first full length, SWEETHEART. It was such a wonderful experience, recorded in beautiful Kent, Ohio with good friends who happened to be lovely experts at their instruments. I have a full length and an EP, ALL SONGS IN ENGLISH under my belt. I hope this is just the start of a fun and progressive musical journey.


In joining with Chantilly's celebration, I thought I'd offer two free downloads from my album, SWEETHEART. Enjoy "Sweetheart" and "Bear Hunt" for free!!! Enter "Chantillyfriend" at checkout.

Thanks for reading.
Ashley Brooke Toussant


  1. Happy Birthday fellow April baby!!! My birthday is on the 27th (I'm going to 26!) The 21st is my Grandad's birthday!! Have a great day!

    Will have a listen to your music when I get home this evening.

  2. Congratulations to you as well!!!
    It seems like it will be an amazing year for you... (i used to work for starbucks as well ..ohlalala.. ) I wish you all the best.. i will be listening to your album in a minute:)

  3. Oh, I'll definitely check her music! :)

  4. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Thanks gals!! :)


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