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beer street

hello, hello!

some of you were asking about the "beer street" bottle in one of my posts last week. what if i told you that beer street is a real and tangible place, not just in your imagination??

beer street 1
beer  street 3

it's a shop where you can get fresh beer straight out of the tap to take home!

the deal is, you put down a deposit for a glass bottle to keep. then you can come back and fill it with any of these cool beers and micro brews. you get a fresher-tasting drink that way, and it's how they did it in the old days, before the mass-production of beer. good enough for the old days, good enough for me, that's what i say!

i'm not a beer snob, by any means... but i do think this is a cool idea.

beer street 4

the taps

beer street 5

beer street 2



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  1. That's interesting :) We went to our local pub last week and there was like no one in lol. There was 7 or 8 of us round one table and we were discussing string theory and Sheldon Cooper, faith and proof. It was really hard work lol.

    Nearly explained Schroedinger's Cat too!

  2. What a tasty street! :)

  3. haha! you are too funny..."beer street is a real and tangible place." it kinda reminds me of the introduction to willy wonka. love it, and the photos are stunning! xo

  4. What a sweet place!! If only I liked beer.. ;)

  5. Woah, what a cool concept! I would love this and so would my husband!!!!!!

  6. a real place!? This is like being told that neverland exists. I love it! I wish I lived near beer street. I love the idea of refilling your own bottle. I love how old timey it is. Please tell me the bartenders have sweet 'staches :D


  7. Awesome! I wish I had a beer street near by!

  8. This is so cool! I want one of those bottles; they're so neat!

    Show us more of NY, Chantilly! ;D

    Hope you have a great week! ;D


  9. Beer street??? Though I would prefer Mimosa Street..but I'm pretty sold on Beer Street too.

    What a neat idea that is...I wish Jacksonville, FL was even an ounce as creative as NY!

  10. thats so awesome! :) your right EPIC!
    plus the bottles are gorgeous anyway.


  11. Mmmmm...delicious beer street. great post!

  12. Oh my taste buds are on alert after reading about this place. I've been to wine places like this...but a beer place...oh my! That could be some very fun trouble:)

  13. wow, this is so cool! Love the photos!

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  15. I don't even drink beer but these pics make we want to start! Great photos!


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