belated easter | Chantilly

belated easter

mornin' sunshines!

first of all, thank you for listening to my little rant yesterday. no, i don't regret it. and yes, i still stand by what i said it felt GREAT to say actually, and it's awesome to know a lot of you feel the same. i hope it goes without saying, but i didn't AT ALL mean to slam anyone personally... just some general frustrations.

next week, maybe i'll do a "coffee talk" based on the ways that musicians suck (maybe...)

anyway, it's been soooo long since i did an outfit-related post (two weeks!!), so i thought i'd try and make this one extra-special for you. how do you feel about some hot pink, hot yellow, and turquoise action?

chantilly lady ties outfit 6

chantilly lady ties outfit 7

this was my easter outfit... so many awesome colors! i'd been pining over this dress at modcloth for like five months... but i can't really afford modcloth, even on sale. then one inexplicable day, the dress went down to $20, and became mine!! i've had it for a few months now, but this is the first time i've actually worn it.

also, check this out-

chantilly lady ties outfit 1

this is a lady tie, made by the lovely flapper girl. i practically squealed when i received it... i. LOVE. it. scarves are always my go-to accessory, and i'm so glad to have this now to change it up with! the color i'm wearing is pastel floral.

chantilly lady ties outfit 4

dress- modcloth
shirt- tjmaxx (??)
lady tie- c/o flapper girl
fishnet knee-highs- c/o we love colors
shoes- swedish hasbeens for h&m

chantilly lady ties outfit 8

chantilly lady ties outfit 13

one other thing...

soo... i kind of got my cd's in the mail on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes, it really does warrant that many exclamation points.)

chantilly lady ties500

i can't stress how many agonizing hours i spent doing the artwork. the whole time, having nightmares about the stupid little typos i'd inevitably spot... questionable packaging material quality (it was my first time using this printing company)... surely, i would accidentally send them a 72 dpi version, rather than a 300 dpi version, and the whole thing would go kablooey.

but no. they are perfect.

magically perfect.

unicorns, rainbows, and cupcakes **blogger** perfect, okay?

and in case you were wondering, you can totally preorder one on my super-cool bandcamp page.

chantilly lady ties outfit 11

chantilly lady ties outfit 12

hope everyone had a happy holiday! or a happy time sitting at home, watching game of thrones. which is exactly what i did.




  1. It feels really good to know that there are some people who dare to speak their minds! Go you! :D

  2. you look so cute here

  3. Um...adorable. I LOVE the pastels on you! Your lady tie is pretty fab too. Two thumbs up on this adorable ensemble.

    And...I'm so happy for you and so glad you got your CD's :)

  4. YAY! Your CD's look so beautiful, this really must be the best feeling! You've worked so hard!

    Love your outfit- a lady tie is on my list, next time I have Paypal money :) I'm so glad you got that dress, I remember you talking about wanting it (on Twitter maybe?). Congrats lady!

  5. Love your CD cover sooo much! What a lovely compilation of songs too! You're so talented!

    Also, this dress is absolutely adorable!

    x Aliya

  6. Congrats, Chantilly!!! :D It's so cool to see you with the CDs in your hands! :P

    and nedless to say, this outfit is amazing! My favorite one so far ;D.

    happy Monday, girl!


  7. so cute!! love the big smile :) heh, I do the same thing with Modcloth...Keep a close eye on sometime I really really want until it happens to go on sale. Sometimes, It does. Yay cds!

  8. love your tunes:


  9. Your outfit is so 60s, love it!
    And congrats on getting your cds! The cover looks AWESOME :D

  10. yay for your ep!! AMAZING!!!!(Lots of !!!) and how amazing is this dress?? i often find modcloth too expensive for me too and often it is just a treat now and then, but $20 hell ye!! Love the neck tie too!
    I will be watching game of thrones tonight (we're behind in the uk!) So excited, damn you joffrey you nasty piece of work!!

  11. That is THE perfect Easter outfit. *Love* the tie. And congratulations on the CDs!

  12. love the colors of this fabulous outfit!! you are soo cute!!

  13. you are cute in your spring colors modcloth dress, & great cd cover! :)

  14. Congratulations Chantilly! How exciting!

  15. Wow, love the colors going on here! Adorable.

    I am totally going to have to get one of those CDs! I love supporting musicians. And I totalllly understand fear of first print. I'm so glad they came out well!

  16. Congratulations.
    You look lovely.

  17. Anonymous4/10/2012

    Congratulations on your EP! So exciting! :)

    Also, holy smokes you are so lovely and adorable! Thank you so much for Lady Tie shout-out <3 xoxo

  18. You look darling! I love the mix of colour and pattern and the lady tie is awesome! Congrats on the EP too! You rock!

  19. How exciting! Congratulations!!!!

  20. YAY! congrats on your album. I've been seeing appreciation packages arriving on other blogs :)

    loving the outfit, i really wana get a neck tie soon too!


  21. I remember reading this post the other day, but I don't think I ever left you a comment on it to tell you how madly in love with this outfit I am! 60s print dress, turquoise blouse, and floral lady tie...I am so swooning here it's ridiculous! Anyhow...congrats on the cd...they are beautiful Chantilly! So incredibly exciting for you:) xx Marisa

  22. wow, thank you everyone!! your supportive comments have been so overwhelming to me (in a good way!), and i've been getting a lot of listens on my bandcamp page (and orders, too!) i'm so glad everyone seems to like it.



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