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i don't know if you can still call it brunch at 4:45 in the afternoon, but who the heck cares! i can never resist the promise of eggs, coffee, and (sometimes) a good stiff drink on the weekends. i just feel like it's more fun to be day-tipsy than night-tipsy. what of it? :P

this particular sunday, it was raining and late in the day. so we practically had the place to ourselves.



i've been trying not to eat sugar... so it was kind of punishing to order french toast and not allow myself to put maple syrup on it. i have no idea what i was thinking. i eventually just said "screw it- it's the weekend" and lightly drizzled on one piece of toast. the most glorious three minutes of eating, ever.

french toast





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  1. have more will power than I do. The fiance and I had breakfast on Saturday at a little mom and pop diner and I had french toast covered in sugar BUT I did dip my french toast in the syrup rather than pouring it. Totally more healthy :p

    And you look too cute in your hat :)

  2. ugh... let's not talk about will power. i felt like no sugar was easy at first, because i was indulging in whatever i wanted and was sick of it. now i'm totally craving! good for you for making the healthy choice. although, if you wanted to pour syrup on your french toast all day long, i think that's cool too. thanks! xx

  3. I can't even think about no eating sugar at all :/. I'd like to try living without flour for a few weeks, but I have no willpower at all, boo!

    Brunch is the best! And being tipsy during the day, too, haha :p.

    Happy Tuesday! ;D

  4. Drinking during the day is the best kind of drinking - the effects wear off before bedtime so no hangover the next day! That French toast looks delicious :)
    Faye x

  5. Day tipsy is 100% better :)

  6. I'm with you on that! love breakfast foods and Brunch is the all time BEST. Or 'brinner' ... breakfast for dinner :)


  7. It's been so long since I've gone out and enjoyed a brunch. Maybe I'll do that next weekend...

  8. Oh this sounds so cozy. Also, you just made me hungry for French Toast. I discovered a really great vegan recipe in one of my cookbooks a few weeks ago and have been wanting to make it again ever since!

  9. That brunch looks amazing! And I agree, much more fun to be day tipsy :)


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