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CD Giveaway on Love, Elycia

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this is chantilly chiming in for a special announcement. i hope you've been enjoying all the lovely posts we've lined up for you so far. i wanted to jump in for a sec, and let you know about a very special giveaway that i'm hosting on love, elycia today!!

up for grabs is my old album, the new EP, plus an exclusive item, which is not even available for purchase yet... a kraft notebook with lyrics from the song "escape" hand-stamped on them. (these will be available in my eventual etsy store!!)

triple prize

go on over and enter if you want a shot at winning the whole lot!

or stop on by the 'ole bandcamp page if you just can't wait to own your own copy of the new EP :)

carry on! xoxo



  1. I already ordered the new CD, but I may enter to win the other goodies!

  2. Anonymous4/17/2012

    I think I'll have a go. And if I don't win, I'm all sorts of buying the CD. (And your older one?) Man, beautiful music - just my style.

  3. I have the CDs but I'd love to send them to Argentina, so I'll have to enter! :P

  4. I entered!! And I SO hope I winnnnnnnnn :D

  5. sweeettt!!!! i'm gonna head over right now!!!

    and i wanted to share my giveaway with the blogger ladies that i adore


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