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i met my friend and fellow musician tamar at think coffee the other day so we could have girlchat, and i could give her a copy of my cd. through this whole "break" thing, it's occurred to me that i miss blogging about my everyday encounters- friends, coffee, brunch- and want to start doing it more :)

chantilly tamar


within the past few months, i've been finding more pals within the "scene" here. see, many musicians in new york are like bees... they form hives. and i guess i've never really been cool enough to be a part of one. so it's special to me whenever i do find someone on my level, excited to converse about the woes and triumphs of living as an artist in nyc!

so we did :)

one thing about tamar, is that she's kind of a magical celebrity magnet. she meets SO many of them, somehow. this is amazing to me... even if ryan gosling himself was walking down the street next to me, i'd be totally oblivious. (unless he said "hey girl." he totally wouldn't, though.)

she's run into paul mccartney multiple times... he even gave her a quote about her music that she uses in her press kit! she drank with vincent kartheiser on a boat to iceland. and most recently hung out with... gulp... johnny depp. in a totally professional capacity, but still... JOHNNY DEPP.

chantilly tamar 2

anyway, it's nice to have friends to bitch about things with. and to listen. i had this idea that some of my friends and i would form little "teams" to help each other in our goals. nyc is so full of people so focused on pushing their own agendas, it might be nice to focus on helping someone else for a change. maybe it'll happen someday soon :)



  1. Wowwwww! Officially jealous! It is great to have friends who are on your wavelength; I recently joined a creative writers feedback group and it's just amazing to have people to talk to about the process.

    Also, Chantilly! I'm super happy for you that your CD is out!

  2. First off, I love her name! And how cool that she gets to talk to so many awesome stars :).

    Secondly, I love posts about gatherings with friends! So, please keep them coming! I would totally post about my social life, but I happen to have none here, hahaha!

    Oh, and, btw, you can get the party shooters for $6 over at Party City if you like them ;).

    Happy midweek, Chantilly! :D

  3. That sounds like a sweet idea, its nice to focus your attention on someone elses wellbeing, i think it makes you happier in the long run.

  4. Haha! That is crazy about your friend (Though, like you I wouldn't be able to pick Gosling out of a line up. I didn't know the "Hey Girl" meme was even the same dude...)

    The idea of people consciously focussing on helping others to their goals is a powerful one.

  5. Very cool that you got to hang out with someone you relate too. That's so exciting you are going after your dream in NY. =)

    - Sarah

  6. Lovely photos! I love the quality of them! Sometimes hanging out with a friend is just the best thing ever!

  7. You are so original and organic. Your blog is so amazing and so lovely and I really am happy i found it. You so a delightful job dear! I am giving away 50$ to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by and enter!

  8. its really great to have friends that have the same interest, lovely pics

  9. Ah, I so know what you mean here! I'm finally living in a community where I have my own little team of friends who have common goals and interests and so on. This is probably the first time it has been like this since high school.

    Happy for you Chantilly! So so excited for all the lovely things coming your way..maybe even Ryan Gosling:)

  10. It really doesn't get better than supportive friends. Lately I've been focusing more on my friendships that feel like a "team" and weeding out the ones that only focus on their own agenda and show no interest in others. You can tell that I've been going through weird friend stuff, can't you :) I'm glad you had a fun day and I'm REALLY excited for your record release this week!


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