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Interview with Joy Ike

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Hello World!

My name is Joy Ike and I am music-maker, traveler, and lover of all things colorful.
I truly enjoy meeting people, though I am an introvert. I hate shoes, though i love to be on the go. And I make music, though I do not consider myself a musician.

I'm here to celebrate the release of Chantilly's new EP, Moon...which I have listened to many many times in the last week...and currently as I write this! I'm not lying about that. Go Chantilly!


Well, I was asked to share a little bit of my journey and I'm happy to do it. Here are some questions Chantilly asked me and here are my answers.

1. How did you know you wanted to make recordings, and how did you start?

For me, making music has definitely been a fish-out-of-water experience. Many times i feel like i can't I'm stuck - like I've got alot of creativity in my head but I don't know how to truly give it life. So when i first started this journey, i made some really crappy demos. To this day I wouldn't wish them upon anyone's ears :) But for me, music has always had less to do with making music in and of itself. For me its about saying something that's worth listening to. I am a songwriter at heart. A storyteller. I've always had this passion for "fixing" the world - being part of generation of songwriters who don't sellout for a paycheck. It feels pretty impossible and overwhelming, but I think music is powerful. So I thought maybe I would write songs that were thoughtful, truth-telling, and hopefully life-changing. So for me, an intimate room of listening ears is worth so much more than a packed room where half the room is talking to each other.

2. Was doing your Kickstarter campaign totally nerve-wracking? How did you promote it?

I was really nervous about asking people to donate money to my most recent album, Rumors. For the first half of the fundraising campaign, donations were slim. But after getting over that hump and uploading videos of my studio recording process, people were really excited to help out and be part of the process. They got their names in the liner notes and some really great incentives like house shows, songs written personally for them, T-shirts, and advance downloads of the finished product. Most of all I learned that, if people really believe in a project, and even more importantly the person behind the project, they will definitely support it. It makes me appreciate my fans so much more!


3. Did you develop a plan for your record release, or just wing it?

I have a background as a publicist so I plan for everything! I definitely had a full-on promotional plan. This is a question I ask myself on a regular basis: if you write a song and no one hears it, does the song really exist? Even though my songs are a product of personal experiences, they are not for me. I'd hate to put my energy into making a good (or great song), and then 1 year later realize that only 50 people have heard it. That's sad. That right there is a neglected song! So whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability! Don't stop until you've really covered some ground!

4. You're a blogger, as well. Tell us about Grassrootsy, and how it ties into your musical career.

I started Grassrootsy shortly after leaving my publicist job. Its a blog for musicians and creatives. The blog gives artists practical ways to make a living off of their art. We answer questions from artists, give tips on how to build a fanbase, how to properly use social media, and how to have successful shows. The blog is 3 1/2 years old and alot of time and brainpain (original term) has gone into it! But its really helping artists and we get really encouraging reader i'm going to keep it going as long as possible!


5. What's your songwriting process like?

This changes on an almost song-to-song basis; but it usually involves hitting a bunch of wrong notes until something beautiful surfaces. Many of my songs start with a line or two that will eventually become the theme of the song. I spend alot of time fumbling around on my keyboard until something "happens". I can't really explain it, but since I don't have any music theory under my belt, it really does involve alot of fumbling :) Soon enough a song forms, but I'm currently working on a tune that's taken over 1 year to write. I only have verse 1 *hehe* But its gonna be good and I'm willing to wait for it!

6. *Bonus round* Cake or pie? Chocolate or vanilla? Up or down? Tupac or Biggie? Beatles or Beach Boys? Dog or cat?

Ha, I'm going to assume Biggie was on the heavy side. Otherwise, i don't really know the difference!
Dogs are too high maintenance and I'm allergic to most cats, so...i'll take a goldfish :)

Good luck on your release, Chantilly!

Joy Ike


  1. Anonymous4/17/2012

    Hi there,

    Sent this way by Elycia. Just wanted to saw how lovely your music is, and your blog. Also, Joy is awesome!

    Keep up the loveliness!


  2. thank you so much for stopping by, kacey! x

  3. This is such an interesting read Chantilly...especially being a songwriter myself. Heading over to check out Joy's site right now:)


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