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It's the Up to the Moon Online Release Party!

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ladies, gentleman, and all-gendered people... welcome, to the up to the moon online cd release party!!!

chantilly party
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i am chantilly.

this is my party!!

i will be your hostess with the mostess for the day's festivities.

in case you are new and don't know my story, i am a singer-songwriter. i made a record last year with this gentleman, raised some money with kickstarter, and am putting out a new set of recordings TODAY!!

in case you have no idea what's going on, or what an "online release party" is, let me break it down for ya:

~ i set a date to have my cd's done by (today.)
~ i asked some really beautiful and talented people to help me celebrate.
~ they're doing this by sharing their stories, or contributing a guest post relating to the theme of accomplishing goals, dreams, and other corny and wonderful stuff :)
~ we're going to be having about twelve amazing guest posters today, including giveaways!!

with each post, you'll see the "up to the moon" header and widget at the top, so that you can either visit bandcamp, or have the option of listening to the songs as you read the posts :)

i hope you enjoy what we've put together, as well as the music!! if you like what you hear, and feel the need to support an artist (me!), wander over to my bandcamp page to purchase a copy of the record :)

see you on the other side, people! i love ya.


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  1. Yay! Congrats, Chantilly! It's a pleasure to be a part of this party :D. I love these photos! ;D

    Btw, you did get my e-mail yesterday, right? Please,let me know if you didn't.

    Let's celebrate!

  2. Woooo hooooo! It's a partay!

    A Chantilly party...which means it's even more fabulous!

    I'm so happy for you and all you've in the wise words of Miki...let's celebrate!!


  3. it's gonna be a hella great time! thank you girls for the amazing encouragement each of you have given me through this process!! :luv:

  4. WOOHOOOO! So so stoked for you, Chantilly! You are amazing. Congratulations on everything, and I'm pumped for the partay.

  5. Happy cd release day!!!!!:D
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! you made a beautiful album:)
    I love love love love these photos of you!!!!!

  6. im saying hey from over at elyica's!!!

  7. Elycia sent me this way and I am already in love with your music! Also, the look of your blog is just darling! Have a fun party. :)

  8. We love Chan!
    We love Chan!
    We love Chan!

    Dear Chan, I've been playing your songs constantly over the past week. Every morning I wake up with one of your songs stuck in my head and I LOVE IT!


  9. amy, gini, elisha, sarabeth, THANK YOU for your amazing support!!!!

    allie, I LOVE YOU TOO!! i miss you guys so much, and i can't believe you live in seattle now. i'm basically crying right now. i'm so happy you like the songs!!


  10. woohoo!!! Congrats! =]

  11. SOOO excited for you, girl! Congrats on the big day. I really wish we could have a real life party and dress up and drink cocktails tonight! You are amazing, talented, and inspiring.

  12. i wish i could take a magical beam, and gather all you girls for cocktails every NIGHT. xoxo


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