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let them eat cake

happy thursday kids!

how's your day going?

i woke up yesterday with that sniffly/ sneezy/ weak feeling... i'm totes getting sick :( i always feel like it's my body's way of telling me i need a break. so i intend on taking my insides very seriously, and practicing some exquisite lounging this weekend, as well as downing the komboucha (my secret cold rememdy :P)

... anyway, i recently got around to making the baked goods that are all the rage these days... cake pops!

don't they look purty?

cake balls 1

i didn't invest in sticks, so mine are more like cake balls.

you might remember that i'm trying to not eat sugar, so these were actually made a few weeks ago. they were lemon/ vanilla, and dangerously delicious if you were to believe my friend jeff.

unfortunately i ate half the candy melts by themselves, so i had to leave some of the cake balls naked. and those ones just eventually got thrown out. poor naked cake balls... no one around to love them.

i went by elsie's recipe, but there are other ones out there if you look around.

cake balls 3

i highly recommend.




  1. NO NO NO!! :( GET BETTER. <3

  2. get well soon! i've been feeling sniffly but i think its just allergies!

    Did you see reply to your comment on ma blog? not sure if it notifies people bout them- i had to set you straight i didnt knit the moose sweater YET but i want to. untangled knots is the lady behind that!

    Do you make your own komboucha? im tempted but not sure where to find starter - prob off the web. might end up like my sourdough starter, neglected and smelling funny.

    rest up! remember sleep is important :)


  3. yummmmmmy cake pops!


  4. I came down with that sick sniffly sneezy thing overnight. It's not cool! I hope we both feel better soon!

  5. HIlarious...b/c just before I sat down to catch up on blogs I pulled out my little cake pop machine (my mom bought it for me as a gift) and told my hubs...I'm making cake pops tonight! And then ...this is the first blog I come to and the first thing I see:) I commend you for veering away from sugar...I have the biggest sweet tooth, so natural it's so difficult for me. Yours look especially delicious!!

    Hope you feel better doll! Rest up! xx Marisa

  6. Shoot! Get well soon! I didn't know what komboucha was; I had to look it up :p. I should try it the next time I get sick. Over the counter cold medicine does not do anything to me! I used to get my very reliable not over the counter cold pills without a prescription in Argentina ... Miss them so much :/.

    And these cake pops look delish! Yum , yum! :P

    Tight hugs!

  7. Cake pops are so yummy! And feel better soon!

  8. My friend in Utah sent me some cake balls from a restaurant that just won some contest on the Food Network. They call them cake bites! Yours look yummy. I hope you feel better asap!

  9. we're all in recovery :) nothing but positive energy being sent!

    not to mention those treats look diviiine!


  10. Those look totally scrumptious. I hope you feel better soon.


  11. Those look delicious! I wish I had baking skills.
    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  12. These look absolutely delicious! I don't think the sticks are needed... as long as they are tasty and darling you can't go wrong!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog


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